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WorkChairs sells niche ergonomic products that are hard to find at standard office furniture or office supply stores. Our primary products include:

  • Chairs – There is a large number of specialty chairs that are built to solve various physical problems caused by sitting in an office chair all day. These chairs aim to solve back, hip, leg, neck, shoulder, arm, and wrist problems.
  • Workstations – Computer and regular workstations that are specially designed to be ergonomically correct.
  • Computer Accessories – Special mice, keyboards, glare screens, keyboard trays, wrist rests, monitor supports, and other computer accessories.
  • Document Holders – Copy holders to allow the head to stay looking up at eye level.
  • Foot Rests – A proper foot rest complements an ergonomic chair for better posture alignment.
  • Lighting – Various types of lighting to make things easier on the eyes while working.
  • Back/Arm/Wrist Supports – Various supports for various reasons.
  • Headsets/Microphones – For phone-related problems.