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Gamehenge Tapers Co-op

Management Summary

Gamehenge Tapers Co-op was founded and led by Al Truistic.  Al graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in business.  After college, Al spent the next five months on the road following the band Phish.  This was his first introduction to the taping scene.  After coming back home to Portland, Al got his MBA from the University of Portland.  

Al then entered the business world with a job at VersionTracker, an internet start up that provided software updates for Mac OS.  His love for taping never disappeared and continued to tape at all of the live bands that passed through Portland.  After numerous discussions with a lot of the Portland taping community, Al concluded that there was demand for a tapers co-op so he began investing his free time to pursue this goal.

6.1 Personnel Plan

Al will be working part time for Gamehenge Tapers Co-op.  He will perform purchasing, order fulfillment and general management of the organization.  His wife Sarah will help out with membership and the financials.  These two positions are unpaid, volunteer positions. 

Web maintenance will be done by one of the members at a below market rates.

It is Al’s and Sarah’s plan that once they get things up off the ground and the co-op becomes much more active they will recruit more members to volunteer their time to take care of the necessary details.