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Entertainment icon Nightclub Saloon Business Plan

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The Nightclub

Strategy and Implementation Summary

In order to place emphasis on exceptional service, our main tactics are bi-monthly service training, employee recognition, and higher service employee to customer ratios. Our specific programs for training include employee for life training for management, customer for life training for employees, and the sharing of success stories among employees and management. Our specific employee recognition programs include employee of the month with a personal parking space, service excellence recognition awards of specific employees attached to advertising. To achieve higher service employee to customer ratios, we include separate beverage servers and bussing personnel, as well as maintaining a comfortable table count for the wait staff.

Our second strategy is emphasizing entertainment. The tactics are interactive entertainment, constant sensory appeal, and unique event viewing. Our specific programs for interactive entertainment and constant sensory appeal are frequent contests, games, music, and karaoke all hosted by an in-house dj who is also in charge of event programming for the main room and lounge. A billiard room will overlook the main area. Billiards was selected due to its widespread popularity (fifth most popular sport in the world, according to CNN). A limited number of video and pinball games, as well as computer dart boards, will compliment the billiard tables in order to offer a less interactive entertainment option. With an adjoining bar and plenty of seating, yet another unique experience could be carved out of a visit to The Nightclub.

Our promise fulfillment strategy may be our most important. The necessary tactics are ongoing value-based training, maintenance, and attention to detail, especially after popularity has been established. Through empowerment of service employees to solve problems without making a customer wait for management consultation we create a win-win situation for the customer and the restaurant. Continuous and never-ending improvement is the order of the day through our regular training sessions and meetings. Since value is equal to service rendered minus the price charged, it is crucial to go beyond the mere serving of food in a room full of lights and sound, you have to create a long-lasting impression.

  • Emphasize exceptional service — We MUST prove to guests that exceptional service is still available and should be expected as part of a dining experience. We need to differentiate ourselves from the mediocre service venues.

  • Emphasize an entertaining experience — By assuring that all guests will enjoy themselves, we would be securing market share through repeat business.

  • Focus on target markets — Our marketing and themes of mass appeal and music based entertainment will attract our target market segments.

  • Differentiate and fulfill the above promises.

We can’t just market and sell another dance club, we must actually deliver on our promise of quality, service and a unique guest experience. We need to make sure we have the fun and service intensive staff that we claim to have.

5.1 Marketing Strategy

A high growth area, such as Waldport, has an annual influx of new residents from many other parts of the country. This trend is true of Your State in general.

Many new residents, as well as many existing ones, are members of clubs in other markets. The Nightclub is a place for all. The enabling technology will be an inherent part of The Nightclub’s image.

Advertising budgets and event promotion are ongoing processes of management geared to promote the brand name and keep the Nightclub at the forefront of the dance theme establishments in Waldport’s marketing area.

We depend on radio advertising as our main way to reach new customers. Our strategies and practices will remain constant, as will the way we promote ourselves:

  • Advertising — We’ll be developing a core positioning message.
  • Grand Opening — We will concentrate a substantial portion of our early advertising budget towards the ‘Grand Opening Event.’
  • Direct Marketing — We’ll directly market to local hotels surrounding the powers and the local airport.

The Nightclub will create an identity-oriented marketing strategy with executions particularly in radio media, alongside print ads, and in-store promotions.

A grand opening event will be held to launch The Nightclub in the summer of 2001. A radio advertising blitz will precede the event for three weeks, with ambiguous teasers about an “event like no other” in the city’s history and the forthcoming opening date. Contests will be held on the target radio stations giving away V.I.P. passes (coupons) to the event while at the same time, creating excitement about the opening. We will leverage our relationship with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to be present on the night of the grand opening. The opening date is tentative at this point and dependent upon construction completion. The budget for the event will be $10,000, and the milestone date will parallel the available opening date, currently June of 2001.

Achievement of the following campaigns will be measured by the polling of customers as to how they heard of The Nightclub for the first ninety days of operation. Budget adjustments will be made as the results dictate.

We will be running regular local radio and newspaper ads to create brand awareness. Our radio ads will be concentrated strongly on Magic FM, the city’s top radio station among our target market segments. Through commercial repetition, a teaser campaign, and the use of catchy phrases, we hope to obtain intellectual ownership of our target market segments: when they think dance club and bar they’ll have to think the Nightclub. Drink specials will also be staples of our radio advertising in order to bring people in. HK will be responsible for ongoing radio ads with a monthly budget of $12,000 per month for the first ninety days, followed by an ongoing budget of $6500 per month.

We will advertise directly to local hotel guests in the local airport and surrounding the Boulevard areas to attract business travelers and tourists with no knowledge of where to go in the evening. Through the use of fliers and table tents to place in hotel rooms, we hope to create visitor awareness of our location and event promotion. Promos such as ‘show your room key and get a free drink’ in conjunction with the room ads would be relatively inexpensive from an advertising standpoint and requires limited ongoing maintenance and expense. BK will be responsible for direct advertising with a start-up budget of $3,000 and a maintenance budget of $1,000 per month. The milestone date will be thirty days after the grand opening event.

Ads will also go into the college newspapers for the local campuses of Your State College and the University of Your State. HK will be responsible for this program. The monthly budget for these ads will be $300. The event date will be in tandem with the grand opening.

Shirts, ball caps, and bumper stickers bearing the Nightclub’s logo will be marketed, as well as given away as prizes, in order to further spread brand awareness. Artistic design will be HK’s responsibility and merchandising will be headed by DD. A start-up budget of $1800 will be in place and a monthly promotional (giveaway) budget will also exist.

5.2 Sales Strategy

Sales projections for this plan are presented in the following topics.

5.2.1 Sales Forecast

This chart represents our forecast for Income on a monthly basis. The table presents yearly expected sales. Complete monthly forecast figures for the first year are presented in the appendix.

Nightclub saloon business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Nightclub saloon business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Beverage Sales $1,346,100 $1,480,710 $1,628,781
Food Sales $93,500 $102,850 $113,135
Admission Sales $836,740 $920,414 $1,012,455
Total Sales $2,276,340 $2,503,974 $2,754,371
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Beverage Sales $336,525 $370,178 $407,196
Food Sales $30,855 $33,941 $37,335
Admission Sales $0 $0 $0
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $367,380 $404,119 $444,531

5.2.2 Daily Revenue Forcast

This table illustrates our daily revenue forecast for X,xxx total square feet.

We are assuming a seating capacity for said space of XXX guests. In addition, we expect just less than one complete rotation of this space for food and beverage guests alike.

Daily Revenue Breakdown **

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Weekly
Total Guests Charged Admission 0 0 325 475 675 775 0 2,250
Average Admission Fee $7 $7 $7 $10 $10 $10 $7 $9.57
Total Admission Sales $0 $0 $2,275 $4,750 $6,750 $7,750 $0 $21,525
Total Bar Guests 0 0 350 550 775 1,100 0 2,775
Average Drinks per Person 0 3 3 3 3 3 3 3.25
Average Beverage Sales per Guest $12.50 $12.50 $10.00 $12.50 $12.50 $12.50 $12.50 $12.18
Average Price per Drink $0 $3.75 $3.75 $3.75 $3.75 $3.75 $3.75 $3.75
Total Beverage Sales $0 $0 $3,500 $6,875 $9,688 $13,750 $0 $33,812
Total Admission and Beverage Sales $0 $0 $5,775 $11,625 $16,438 $21,500 $0 $55,337
Total Food Guests 0 0 30 50 70 100 0 250
Average Food Sales per Guest $5.00 $5.00 $7.50 $7.50 $7.50 $7.50 $5.00 $45.00
Total Food Sales $0 $0 $225 $375 $525 $750 $0 $1,875
Misc. Sales (10% of Gross Sales) $0 $0 $578 $1,163 $1,644 $2,150 $0 $5,533
Total Revenue $0 $0 $6,578 $13,163 $18,606 $24,400 $0 $62,746

**based on 750-person capacity