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Entertainment icon Nightclub Saloon Business Plan

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The Nightclub

Management Summary

The management team is an especially close one. One of the presidents has been married to the vice president for seven years. The two co-presidents have worked directly together for three and a half years at four positions. One of the presidents has worked with the bar manager in the past and has known him for nearly ten years. Together we share a single vision: to provide a unique and entertaining experience through exceptional service.

The company will have six managers, including the two presidents, and three managers who have yet to be recruited.

6.1 Management Team

DD, Co-President. D has a bachelors degree in business management, five years management in the restaurant/bar business, consultative experience opening other bars, six subsequent years management in the car industry ending currently with his current position as department manager. D’s specific responsibilities will lie primarily with the coordination of events and oversight of the operations and evening activities of the restaurant and bar.

BK, Co-President. B is pursuing a life-long ambition of restaurant/nightclub ownership. Three years of restaurant kitchen experience and nearly eight years of experience managing people ending with three and a half years of finance management. B is committed to not only creating a successful business but also successfully running it. Even though his hands-on experience in business management is extensive through the finance business, he has spent the last year and a half researching business and business ownership in his spare time. B’s specific responsibilities will be administrative management to include inventory management, accounts payable, purchasing, payroll, and public relations with limited marketing involvement (mostly direct) to other companies.

HK, Vice President. H has a bachelor’s degree in industrial media management. Her experience ranges from radio marketing sales to three years as a financial analyst for L3 Communications. H is a born leader to whom people of all levels flock. H’s responsibilities will be limited to marketing with local radio and newspaper and her day-to-day role in the restaurant will be a mostly silent one.

MC, Bar Manager. M has more than fifteen years bartending and bar management experience. M is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to work at a restaurant/bar where things are done correctly and the customer is put first. In addition to managing the bar, its personnel, and the djs, M will also be third in command under the two co-presidents.

The positions of office, kitchen and dining room managers have yet to be filled at this time. These positions will be openly sought along with the remainder of the staff.

6.2 Management Team Gaps

We believe we have a solid team constructed in order to cover the main points of the business plan. Management growth through training will be an ongoing component of The Nightclub’s priorities.

However, we do realize that we may not have the hands on specific knowledge that may be required to execute pre-opening and opening phases of the venture. We also realize that we may benefit greatly from the retention of a hospitality industry consultant to guide us through the aforementioned time frames, as well as to consult with us through the first two years of our operation.

To this end we have contracted with a hospitality industry specialist consultant. His involvement will exist in several facets, most notably, through providing assistance in launching this venue. This consultant has over 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry and has assisted many first-time operators in getting their proposed venues launched successfully. They will assist in the development of the design, concept, and strategies of the new business. In addition, they will assist in the hiring process of the management staff, DJs, bartenders, waitresses, and security staff. They will also provide educational services for management-level personnel who will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the club.

Interviews for a general manager, operations manager, and all other personnel will be conducted with the assistance of the consultant. The co-presidents, Mr. D and Mr. K, will make final decisions for each position.

These gaps will be filled as the opening date draws closer.

6.3 Personnel Plan

The Personnel Plan reflects the objective of providing an ample amount of service personnel. Our headcount will remain at thirty unless any unforeseen demands dictate otherwise. Assume a burden rate of 17%.

DAILY STAFFING (750-person capacity)
Hourly Employees

Day Position Quantity Rate Avg Hrs Sub-total Burden Total
Monday Staff Cost/Mon. 0 $0 0 $0 $0 $0
Tuesday Staff Cost/Tues. $0 $0 $0
Wednesday Waitress 2 $5.00 7.5 $75
Security 4 $7.00 6.5 $195
Bartender 2 $5.00 7.5 $75
Barback 1 $4.50 7 $31
Police Detail 1 $15.00 0 $0
Misc. $8.00 0 $0
Staff Cost/Wed. $376 $64 $441
Thursday Waitress 3 $5.00 7.5 $113
Security 5 $7.50 6.5 $244
Bartender 3 $5.00 7.5 $113
Barback 1.5 $4.50 7 $47
Police Detail 0 $15.00 0 $0
Misc. 0 $15.00 0 $0
Staff Cost/Thur. $516 $88 $604
Friday Waitress 4 $5.00 7.5 $150
Security 7 $7.50 6.5 $341
Bartender 4 $5.00 7.5 $150
Barback 2 $4.50 7 $63
Police Detail 0 $15.00 0 $0
Misc. 0 $15.00 0 $0
Staff Cost/Fri. $704 $120 $824
Saturday Waitress 4 $5.00 7.5 $150
Security 9 $7.50 6.5 $439
Bartender 5 $5.00 7.5 $188
Barback 2 $4.50 7 $63
Police Detail 0 $15.00 0 $0
Misc. 0 $15.00 0 $0
Staff Cost/Sat. $839 $143 $982
Sunday Staff Cost/Sun. 0 $0 0 $0 $0 $0
Ttl Wkly/Hrly $2,436 $414 $2,850

Salaried Staff

Position Salary Yearly Weekly Burden Total
Manager #1 Oper Prtnr $55,000 $877 $179
Manager #2 Oper Prtnr $55,000 $877 $179
Manager #3 General Mgr $50,000 $798 $163
Manager #4 PR Mgr $45,000 $718 $147
Manager #5 Bar Mgr $35,000 $558 $114
Manager #6 Asst. $25,000 $399 $81
Entertainmnt DJ $65,000
Ttl Salaried $5,480 $866 $6,346
Ttl Weekly Staff $9,196
Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Salaried Staff $284,736 $298,968 $313,916
Hourly Staff $107,200 $112,560 $118,188
Total People 0 0 0
Total Payroll $391,936 $411,528 $432,104