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Company Summary

EbonySun Entertainment Resort is owned and operated by BigBank Corporation. The resort is funded through equity financing. The resort will be managed by professional management team to increase sales revenue and improve the rate of return from investment. The company is seeking $7.96 Million initial equity financing for building the facility. With its innovative business idea and unique location, the resort will be able to generate good revenues and rate of returns for its investors.

This unique entertainment facility is located close to 150 universities and colleges, which makes it more attractive for the college students market.

Start-up Summary

The parent company BigBank Corporation is currently seeking $7.96 million of equity financing to finance the new entertainment resort facility. Most of the expenses will be used for constructing the resort facility in Gotham/Gotham Metropolis area.

Long-term assets include the EbonySun resort structure, at 400,000 square feet of currently undeveloped real estate, and heavy duty equipment such as refrigeration units, kitchen equipment, and the like. Other Current Assets includes furniture and fixtures for every bar, restaurant, and dance hall in the structure. Lighting will be particularly elaborate, to create the different “moods” of each area.

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Start-up Expenses
Resort Construction Expenses $500,000
Audio/Ligting Lease Payment $150,000
Air Condition Upgrade $500,000
Bar Equipment $475,000
Bar Supply $500,000
Entertainment Artist Fees $300,000
Cash Reserves $250,000
Exterior Signage $400,000
Fees & Permits $100,000
FFE $110,000
Impact Fees $40,000
Initial Marketing $100,000
Kitchen Upgrade $252,500
Interior Refit $800,000
Legal $100,000
Opening Salaries Deposit $490,000
Paper Products $60,000
Point of Sale Systems $122,500
Other $0
Total Start-up Expenses $5,250,000
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $500,000
Start-up Inventory $10,000
Other Current Assets $200,000
Long-term Assets $2,000,000
Total Assets $2,710,000
Total Requirements $7,960,000

Company Ownership

The company will be jointly owned by its founder and outside investors. The founder, Mr. Clubb, has over 30 years of experience in the entertainment, resort, nightclub, and casino industries. Mr. Clubb will retain 40% ownership of the venture and serve as the General Manager for the first three years. He is offering 60% equity ownership for the remaining $5.96 Million of investment necessary to start this project. Every $99,333 of investment will buy 1% equity ownership. Ideally, 2 investors would make up the bulk of the funding. They will start receiving dividends in the third year, and would be eligible in the fifth year to opt for a buy-out option of their shares by Mr. Clubb.