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The Spot



Ownership & Structure

The management team is a strong one. Together we share a single vision: to provide a unique and entertaining experience through exceptional service.


Management Team

Robert Shaw has a BS in business administration from State University. He successfully managed three bars over the past 10 years.  He is currently in his fifth year as manager of Tom’s Landing, the most popular bar in the university area.

Jill Morse holds a BA in marketing. She has held a marketing positions with Nike and Sony before starting the Olympus nightclub with Sheila Thompson in 1996. 

Sheila Thompson has a BS in business administration. Before co-owning the Olympus, Sheila managed two successful nightclubs, the Arena and the Power Plant, over a 10 year period.

Once opened, the Spot will have the exceptional management team to guide its success. The Spot’s three owners, Robert Shaw, Jill Morse, and Sheila Thompson, have over 25 years of night club management experience between them. Robert has been the manager of Tom’s Landing, the most popular bar in the university area, for the past five years. Jill and Sheila are co-owners of Olympus, a popular downtown night club that has dominated the city’s club scene for the past four years.

Personnel Table

2020 2021 2022
Manager $60,000 $61,200 $62,424
DJ $38,400 $39,168 $39,951
Cleaners (2) $72,000 $73,440 $74,908
Bartenders (2) $72,000 $73,440 $74,908
Cooks (2) $84,000 $85,680 $87,394
Servers (3) $129,600 $132,192 $134,835
Bus Boys (2) $67,200 $68,544 $69,914