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Company Summary

For this internal expansion plan the details of our company are not relevant. We do intend to develop this new business, if approved, using a balance of one in-house salary and outside vendors for editing and some significant production work.

2.1 Start-up Summary

What’s important to understand is that this expansion requires some internal investment. We will need some legal work, some computer equipment, and office space. We also have to support the cash flow involved in hiring our main person, and the working capital involved in getting this business rolling.

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Start-up Expenses
Legal $500
Hiring manager $1,000
Initial layout design $3,000
Website vendors $17,500
Initial mailing $5,000
Other $1,000
Total Start-up Expenses $28,000
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $15,000
Other Current Assets $7,000
Long-term Assets $0
Total Assets $22,000
Total Requirements $50,000
Start-up Funding
Start-up Expenses to Fund $28,000
Start-up Assets to Fund $22,000
Total Funding Required $50,000
Non-cash Assets from Start-up $7,000
Cash Requirements from Start-up $15,000
Additional Cash Raised $0
Cash Balance on Starting Date $15,000
Total Assets $22,000
Liabilities and Capital
Current Borrowing $0
Long-term Liabilities $0
Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills) $0
Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) $0
Total Liabilities $0
Planned Investment
Internal investment $50,000
Other $0
Additional Investment Requirement $0
Total Planned Investment $50,000
Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) ($28,000)
Total Capital $22,000
Total Capital and Liabilities $22,000
Total Funding $50,000