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People's News


People’s News will sell the following products at its kiosk locations:

  • Chinese magazines and newspapers (Beijing Daily, China Daily, China Youth Daily, People’s Daily, China Press, Caijing magazine and two dozen more)
  • Chinese-American magazines and newspapers (approximately a dozen titles)
  • American magazines and newspapers (NY Times, Daily News, New York Post, People, Entertainment Weekly, and dozens more)
  • Refrigerated Beverages (sodas, juices, energy drinks, iced teas, etc.)
  • Snacks (bags of chips, pretzels, Fritos, Chinese crispy snacks, etc.)
  • Candy (chocolate bars, gums, breath fresheners, Chinese candy, etc.)

Newspapers will be both daily and weekly and magazines will be weekly and monthly. Publications and product deliveries will be dropped off directly to the primary kiosk location and will be distributed by employees to the other locations, when they are added, in order to earn better prices from suppliers.

Where possible, multiple products or periodicals will be purchased from the same supplier in order to decrease the overall number of suppliers. However, there will be a focus on providing a reasonable level of product diversity, at least on par with other newsagents/newsstands. People’s News cannot offer the same diversity of offerings as a magazine or news store with 100 square feet or more of space, but it will offer extreme convenience due to its locations on subway platforms.