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Market Plaza Showplace


The Showplace will offer live, wholesome entertainment in a quaint former movie theater in a densely populated community. Regular entertainment events will offer exciting presentations that will begin the moment a patron enters the facility, even before the main event. This type of entertainment is not available in the area at this time.

Family Fair will solicit, arrange and host corporate and private special events in the Showplace facility.

Family Fair will add other revenue producing services to compliment the base operation, such as local merchant advertising, special presentations, audio and video recording services, and other logical services as the demand arises.

3.1 Service Description

  1. The Showplace offers family-oriented entertainment in the form of regular live musical performances by local and touring artists and musicians. The average price is $12.00 per ticket. The venue will interest the majority of the area population because of the variety of show themes to be offered. The venue fills the need for a performance center in the community.
  2. The location and appeal of the Showplace facility offers Family Fair the opportunity to solicit, arrange, and host corporate special events. Pricing of this service will vary depending on the number of persons to be accommodated, food or refreshment catering, or other special requirements of the event. Trinity has a large business community and those businesses often use outside facilities for special events. We will market our venue to be included on the off-site preferred list of the majority of large businesses in the area.
  3. As in any community, special private events are celebrated by individuals, families, clubs, and other groups in the population. The Showplace facility offers a clean, quaint, and elegant setting, from the dining hall to the 750 seat auditorium. The facility will be more appealing than special events held in church annexes and will be more cost-effective and private than hotel facilities. The pricing for this service will depend on the number of guests, catering, and other requirements.

3.2 Competitive Comparison

Offerings of the Showplace are similar to those in outlying communities who offer live musical performances each weekend. However, their themes are fixed, where ours will be a variety of musical themes, along with ongoing interactive features (magicians, etc.) for appeal to the diverse Market Plaza community. The Showplace ticket pricing is within the price range of  other venues with similar offerings.

The quality of entertainment will be superior to other venues and Family Fair will assure that the appeal of the productions will not become stale. The competition offers the same entertainers and the same themes each week. It is not appealing to see the same show many times over.

The Family Fair executive team enjoys association with the most talented local musicians as well as touring groups to assure an exciting variety of entertainment. The team also enjoys close associations with nationally known entertainers, musicians and producers.

3.3 Sales Literature

The Showplace Sales literature will consist mostly of flyers for distribution in hotel lobbies, retail store stands or direct mailing. An attractive website will provide details of offerings, scheduling, and convenient ticket purchase. Early on, brochures will be developed for distribution to potential corporate customers and tourist agencies.

3.4 Fulfillment

Family Fair intends to use the entertainment associations of the executive team to acquire the services of the best musicians and artists available. The cost of these entertainers is negotiable but is conservatively calculated at 35% of ticket sales. The cost of local entertainers and musicians will be a weekly expenditure, but regular employment will allow negotiation of lower rates due to stability and benefits offered by Family Fair.

3.5 Technology

The Showplace will be equipped with the latest technology in sound and lighting, both of which will be of substantial appeal to customers. Fixtures and equipment accommodations for corporate and private events will be appealing and effective. Internet technology such as ticketing reservations, entertainment schedules and an entertainer slate will be provided.

3.6 Future Services

Family Fair will add other revenue producing services to compliment the base operation. These are not included in the financial plan. Some of the potential future services are listed below.

  1. Weekday showcases and special holiday events.
  2. Local merchant advertising will include space on our billboard sign in the business center, will be announced during performances, and will be displayed in the theater.
  3. Video recordings of artist showcases to be used in promoting their careers in entertainment.
  4. Professional record album and demo audio recording services. Family Fair will be in a prime position to secure a share of this business due to location and strong associations with artists (both amateur and professional). Opportunities to negotiate this aspect of the business will be constant with artists appearing at the Showplace.
  5. Syndication of programs for distribution to broadcast media, both domestically and internationally.
  6. Sponsored programs for radio and television broadcast.