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Mojo Music

Management Summary

Karl Payne is the owner/manager of Mojo Music.  Karl has worked for over 15 years in record/CD stores. As a student at State University, Karl worked at The Record Factory, a successful downtown record store, in the late 80’s. After graduating in 1989 with a BA in english, Karl went on to managed two record/CD stores; the Palace (89-93) and the CD Warehouse.  Karl is a excellent staff supervisor and will do very well in managing the staff of Mojo Music.

6.1 Personnel Plan

Mojo Music will have the following staff members:

  • Manager.
  • Assistant manager.
  • Four customer assistants.
Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Manager $36,000 $40,000 $45,000
Assistant Manager $30,000 $33,000 $37,000
Customer Assistants $72,000 $75,000 $80,000
Other $0 $0 $0
Total People 6 6 6
Total Payroll $138,000 $148,000 $162,000