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Mt. Hood Records

Products and Services

Mt. Hood Records is a new, Portland, Oregon based record label. Mt. Hood Records is taking a new, unusual approach to band promotion and CD sales. Instead of competing with the large, ultra competitive national record labels, as well with the larger Indie labels, Mt. Hood Records will adopt a regional, intimate approach where they concentrate on several local bands. By working with only a few bands at once, Mt. Hood Records is able to offer a much more specialized and attentive level of service for their bands. This will be their competitive edge, something no other record label can offer.

Operations will begin with the production of a compilation CD. This will be a CD that features many different local artists. Their will be no charge for a band to place a single on the CD, in fact they are encouraged as it offers an visibility outlet for the band. This favors bands that are trying to gain visibility within the local market. They are interested in having as many people become familiar with them, since as more people know about them, they are likely to secure live gigs and possibly produce a CD and receive revenue from CD sales. Within the first year two compilation CDs will be produced. These will be free for the bands to be on and there will be free distribution of the CDs. Enough expectation and anticipation for the up and coming bands will allow Mt. Hood Records to soon begin to charge for releases.

At the same time that the CDs provide visibility for the respective bands, it provides visibility for Mt. Hood Records. This is key for Mt. Hood Records’ business model. They need to be known as a hard working/promoting record label. This is important because the stronger the label appears, the more attractive the label becomes in terms of being an exclusive promoter for a band.

While the compilations CDs are released, Mt. Hood Records will be working with a variety of parties for networking purposes. The first is local radio stations. Being able to get air play for the CD depends on relationships with the key decision makers at the various stations. Mt. Hood Records will also be working with various record stores, developing relationships with them so that as some of the bands on the CDs become known and there is consumer interest, Mt. Hood Records can begin to sell the CDs. Lastly, Mt. Hood Records will be working with the different clubs to get the bands live gigs. Playing live to local crowds will be one of the most productive activities in terms of developing fanfare.

As the label becomes well known locally, it will become attractive for local acts looking to sign up with a record label. Mt. Hood Records will be looking to sign up a total of no more than five bands at any one time. This will allow Mt. Hood Records  to offer specialized and intimate promotional assistance.

As the bands begin to sign on, the next tasks are to assist in the production of a studio CD for the band. Once the CD is cut key activities will be aimed at record sales and live show production. These are key activities as these are the sources of revenue for Mt. Hood Records, CD sales which occur at record stores as well as at the live shows.  

Mt. Hood Records business model recognizes that there will be little to no revenue within the first year. First year revenue is being sacrificed for the building of a viable record label in future years.

Mt. Hood Records will not focus on a specific genre of music; that is difficult to do on a regional basis. It also creates competition at the local level between the bands within the same genre. Instead, Mt. Hood Records will focus on the element of improvisation which can be found in a wide range of genres. Improvisation can be described as adding free flow change or spontaneity to a performance. This occurs when a band is playing a pre-defined song, but certain or each member of the band deviates from the song, playing their own solo or rendition of the material. This occurs in the moment, in a spontaneous experimentation. This lends it elf to viewing a band’s performance multiple times, as no performance is the same. Improvisation also lets the musicians “shine,”  it allows them to try new things, play around, have fun, and entertain the audience.