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The Supreme Courts

Management Summary

The initial management team for The Supreme Courts depends mainly on the general partners. Rich Bohne and Brian Ehlert will stay within their expertise in running the day-to-day operations of the facility such as scheduling, marketing, and promotions, along with running and developing various leagues and programs for the community. Back-up for the general partners will include staff members who will compensate for the founders lack of experience in each area. For example, qualified personnel will be hired for the food and beverage, massage therapy, and fitness areas. General help staff will be hired on a need basis as the users of the facility increase. There will also be a janitor hired for basic cleanliness and maintenance of the complex.

The Supreme Courts will have a total staff of 13 people in the first year of operation. It is projected that an additional three people will be added each year for the next two years. The majority of the salaries are projected to raise 5% per year for the first three years. This estimate may be conservative.

6.1 Personnel Plan

See the following table for a more detailed list of The Supreme Courts personnel.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Rich Bohne $60,000 $63,000 $66,150
Brian Ehlert $60,000 $63,000 $66,150
Fitness Area Manager $36,000 $37,800 $39,690
Food Service Manager $30,000 $31,500 $33,075
Book Keeper $21,600 $22,680 $23,814
General Staff (7) $138,300 $145,215 $152,476
Janitor $15,000 $15,750 $16,538
Other $0 $59,900 $118,800
Total People 13 16 19
Total Payroll $360,900 $438,845 $516,692