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Lowland Heights Roadhouse

Web Plan Summary

The Lowland Heights Roadhouse website will focus on the features the Roadhouse has to offer. Each room with its different options will be on the site as well as pictures of the Roadhouse and the facilities that it has to offer. The lunch/dinner menu will be displayed. Room rates will be given, with maps on how to get to here. Attractions within 30 miles will be on the site and other local color will be shown. Reservations can be made online if the consumer wishes to do so.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Our website marketing strategy will focus on Vacationers & Hunters who are looking for a vacation or hunting destination that is both close and comfortabley homelike. The Weststate area will be our main focal point. The Lowland Heights Roadhouse will promote through our website by using:

  • Detailed photos of the Roadhouse and surrounding area.
  • Price list of our rooms and our restaurant menu.

6.2 Development Requirements

Gisli Njerdginsyn, along with Website Pros, Inc. will develop the website. The site itself is up now and it will be an ongoing effort to add new information to the site as we see necessary. Gisli has 25 years in computers and management and has experience working with websites. Every aspect of the site will be handled by Tory (owner) and Gisli including company logo, Web page format, and maintenance of the site. Website Pros will host the site.