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Lowland Heights Roadhouse

Management Summary

The Lowland Heights Roadhouse will operate as an owner-occupied business. A small staff will be hired early next year consisting of a cook and maid along with a maintenance man. The rest of the tasks will be done by Tory and Gisli. 

Gisli right now is responsible for the outside maintenance of the grounds and cleaning of the motel rooms, and website activities. 

Tory will be the general manger, organize and decide on any management idea’s on the day-to-day operations on the inside. She will order product and food from the vendors, and both will handle reservations. Both Tory and Gisli will promote the Lowland Heights Roadhouse through the advertising methods discussed in the marketing strategy section. Tory will also do the cooking and bartendering. 

7.1 Personnel Plan

The personnel needed for the Lowland Heights Roadhouse are the following:

  • Manager
  • Assistant manager
  • Cook – to be hired in 2005
  • Maintenance person – to be hired in 2005
  • Cleaning person – to be hired in 2005

The Britts/Njerdginsyn family has outside income of $4,500 per month and will not be taking a salary for the first year of the business.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Manager $0 $45,000 $48,000
Assistant Manager $0 $39,000 $42,000
Cook $1,200 $39,000 $42,000
Maintenance Staff $0 $52,000 $55,000
Cleaning Staff $1,200 $76,000 $79,000
Total People 5 10 10
Total Payroll $2,400 $251,000 $266,000

7.2 Management Information Systems

Tory Britts will be maintaining financial and accounting controls in its motel, restaurant and RV Park through the use of a sophisticated point-of-sale Royal cash register system and personal computer network using a computerized reservation system that is accessible for booking rooms on the Internet. The Royal and the personal computer network provides the Roadhouse management with daily and weekly information regarding sales, cash receipts, inventory, food and beverage costs, and other controllable operating expenses. We use Quickbooks for tracking and doing all our financial reports that are required to operate a business. 

7.3 Key Management

Tory Britts is President and principal owner of Golden Cholla Enterprises LLC which owns and operates Lowland Heights Roadhouse. I am currently leasing the business starting on July 6, 2004 until financing is completed, we have shown a profit. There is no historical data from the previous owners to compare it to. They will not release their tax returns during their ownership of the business, however different vendors and customer’s have stated that we are selling four to five times the amount of alcohol that they did. Our restaurant has been increasing in sales every week from word of mouth and advertising/promotions.

Prior to buying the Lowland Heights Roadhouse, I owned and operated an Internet business (ZooperDooper Deals). I purchased truck loads of clearance or discontinued items and sold them on Ebay. ZooperDooper Deals was started in August of 2000, operated until June 2004, and was a very successful business. I have not continued with the business since we moved to Weststate.

Prior to that in 1997-2004 I was on contract with Family Care Providers in Otherstate.

Position: Behavior Management Specialist and Therapeutic Provider


  • Management of highest level of difficulty in juvenile clients
  • Scheduling and heading up weekly case management meetings between clients and team members
  • Determining and soliciting all special needs of clients involving specialists/psychiatric care/medications/treatment programs/school contacts
  • Determining and implementing therapeutic interventions
  • Attending court sessions and therapist meetings
  • Maintaining daily and weekly records on clients medications/progress/appointments /school records/strength of bonds to family members/reactions to medications and therapies etc.
  • Also cared for medically fragile infants on occasion: close monitoring and management of medication, specialist appointments, breathing machines, breathing treatments etc.

1990-1997 Ten-Galloon Saloon

Position: Shift Manager


  • Management of bartenders, cocktail waitresses, kitchen help and janitorial service
  • Other duties included inventory, sales projections, promotions
  • Hiring, mentoring employees
  • Menu design, supply/vendor ordering, vendor contacts
  • Locating and auditioning bands/entertainment, employee scheduling
  • Ability to fill in for all positions when needed
  • Liaison to the coin company and slot machine repair company, handled major payout/jackpots and accompanying IRS paperwork
  • Involved in payroll
  • Multitude of other duties needed in running a large bar, 25 slot machines, a bar kitchen, entertainment, advertising and employees.


  • Certified in alcohol awareness
  • Attended and passed food handling and safety course in Lost Wages
  • Documented 80 hours per year in therapeutic management for the past 7 years
  • Certified in infant child and adult CPR and First Aid
  • Completed 2 online self directed small business courses to aid in my knowledge and abilities.


  • Attended 1-1/2 years at State College
  • One year at Pleasantville Community College prenursing, chemistry, economics, accounting, business, anatomy & physiology.

All this past experience provides me with experience in leadership for management, developing operational and financial reports, implementing action plans to achieve those goals, and providing overall strategic direction to operate and manage and implement business goals for overall strategic direction for the business.

I plan on incorporating my past experiences into the operation of the Lowland Heights Roadhouse, becoming a very successful business in the Greenhorn Valley.