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University Mopeds


The main service that this company will provide will be to rent mopeds on a monthly basis. In addition to this, the company’s secondary services will include such things as moped safety classes and accessories.

3.1 Competitive Comparison

There are currently no other competitors in this market. The only competition that University Mopeds expects will be from public transportation and automobiles. This is a separate segment and does not offer the freedom and price flexibility that University Mopeds offers.

3.2 Sales Literature

The only sales literature that University Mopeds will distribute will be via newspaper publications. We have no plans for a direct mailing plan, although one is possible in the future.

3.3 Future Services

It is possible for University Mopeds to expand into the electric vehicle market in the future if it becomes a feasible transportation alternative. We believe that this will be positive for us because we already will have an established customer base who is interested in low cost or environment friendly transportation alternatives.