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Water Factory


The Water Factory exclusively sells Water Genie brand home water filtration systems. Home water filters are used to improve the taste quality of the water as well as to remove harmful impurities in the water. Three different models will be sold:

  1. The Carafe- This model looks like a large water pitcher. When you fill up the pitcher the water passes through a filter, cleansing the water. When you pour the pitcher only the filtered water comes out. The price per gallon of water is $.26.
  2. The Faucet Mount- This model looks like a large bulb that mounts on the end of the water faucet. When you desire filtered water, you rotate the filter toward you and filtered water comes out of a small hole. When you want unfiltered water to pass through, you rotate the filter away from you and unfiltered water comes out of a large hole. Unfiltered water would be used to wash hands or dishes and pots. The price per gallon of filtered water is $.12.
  3. The Counter Mount- This model is a 12-inch tall cylinder that resides on the counter, up to 14 inches away from the sink. There is a button near where the water exits the faucet that you push to allow filtered water to pass through. When you no longer need filtered water you push the button again and unfiltered water comes out. The price per gallon of filtered is $.06.