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Rekayasa Tambang Indonesia

Products and Services

The company management team is capitalizing on the lucrative business opportunity of creating compliance analysis and modeling, design and engineering, and productivity improvement software systems to aid mining companies. RTI’s products and services will help companies gain competitive advantage in the marketplace since its products and services will shorten the time-to-market cycle for its clients. This, combined with the management team and business opportunity, has generated tremendous interest for RTI’s compliance systems in the Indonesian mining industry.

3.1 Competitive Comparison

Deposits and excavation images analysis is a developing technology and, as such, the industry lacks standardization.

In this digital image analysis market, no market leader exists, and only three other major players in Asia have developed and begun to market similar products and services. These companies are all in Australia: ECS International of Bowral, Runge Mining, and Mincom of Brisbane.

RTI’s sustainable competitive advantages are its patentable advanced technology and custom system design/installations, human capital, and strategic location.

3.2 Product and Service Description

  1. Geological interpretation and modeling software systems: This product and service provides the most comprehensive geological database, innovative interpretation tools, advanced modeling techniques and resource reporting for most types of deposits ranging from simple vein, stratiform, and massive deposits, to complex and highly deformed orebodies.
  2. Mine design and engineering software systems: Design and engineering software systems for open pit, underground, and quarry mining.
  3. Mining optimisation software systems: Installing a Productivity Improvement System, a total productivity control system to increase productivity level as well as shorten the time-to-market cycle for the clients.
  4. Mine scheduling software systems: Mine scheduling for open pit, underground, and quarry mining.
  5. Dump design and rehabilitation: Performing analysis regarding environmental impact, designing mine waste dump, designing acid drainage, designing ground water drainage, and environmental rehabilitation.

3.3 Fulfillment

The key fulfillment and delivery will be provided by the principals of the business. The real core value is professional expertise, provided by a combination of experience, relationships and connections in the market (quangxi), discipline, smart work, hard work, confidence, and education.

RTI will work with computer hardware, peripherals, accessories and add-ons manufacturers, and platform developers under project-by-project basis. RTI will not exclusively represent any of these companies in order to keep its position as partner for every supplier and technology provider rather than competitor of any of them.

3.4 Technology

MINER DELTA is a recognized leader in supplying integrated geological and mining software technologies and computerized consulting services to the mining industries. As the commercial arm of MINER DELTA in Indonesia, RTI will focus on providing its clients with rapid, non-disruptive, and accurate analysis of deposits and excavations images using the integrated software technologies developed by the parent company. The technologies employ digital image analysis to calculate deposits’ size, orientation/position, and distributions, as well as provide options of mining methods, create value through monitoring mine works-in-progress, and empower mining engineers with crucial operational data.

3.5 Services and Supports

RTI’s services and support are truly done at the client’s site. In essence, the service begins with the technical presentation and on-site demonstration of the technology. Through these initial communications with the potential buyer, RTI will assign its Vice President of Sales and Marketing to conduct an analysis on the client’s operation and begin to customize the system to fill their needs and solve their problem. Once it knows what the prospective client wants, it will then send a technical proposal to the prospective client with a draft contract. A commercial meeting schedule will be arranged with the prospective client to open negotiations with the client’s decision board, and then to close the selling cycle by having the client sign the contract.

Within one working week after contract signing, RTI will submit a document of its project design proposal to the client for approval. Upon project design approval, it will then go to the mine and install the site specific system. Along with the installation it will provide one month of on-site training of MINER DELTA to the supervisors/engineers selected by the client. Besides providing a one year warranty, RTI will also offer the client long-term technical support called “Project Perpetuation Assistance.”

In keeping with its mission to provide market driven products and services, RTI will keep in close contact with all clients and solicit ideas on improvements and necessary changes. This contact will be achieved through consulting for the mines, sending out questionnaires, and maintaining daily emails, as well as weekly telephone contacts, with each client.

3.6 Sales Literature

The business will begin with general corporate and technical brochures establishing the positioning and defining the company’s intangible capital to be transformed into clients’ benefits. These brochures will be developed as part of the start-up expenses.

Literature and mailings for the initial market forums will be very important.