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Entertainment icon Miniature Golf Course Business Plan

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Sammy's Family Entertainment Center

Products and Services

Miniature Golf

The primary attraction is the world class 18-hole miniature golf course, where participants have fun for only $5 per round. The challenge in miniature golf is to make the course interesting to play. Interesting shots bring repeat business. Undulations, banking, the size of the greens, the position of the cups, the intermixing of easier holes with more difficult holes to prevent back-up on the course, and hundreds of other little refinements, which come only from experience, are the difference between success and failure.

On a well-designed course, a player is rewarded for a good putt without being overly penalized for a poor putt. If you hit the putt correctly it will go in the cup. If you hit it poorly it may take two or three putts to get it in the cup, but you are not “out of play” or holding up the group behind you.

Players take about one hour to complete a round of golf. The course can easily accommodate up to 100 players per hour during peak times.  These numbers are common on weekend evenings during the summer season.

Rock Climbing Wall

The 24-foot portable rock-climbing wall offers an element of adventure for those interested in extreme sports. The wall is located on site most of the time, but has the ability to be set up at fairs/festivals, school parking lots, or company picnics.

The climbing wall is mounted on a double axle trailer. The wall is raised and lowered by the trailer hydraulics in a few minutes. Complete set-up takes only ten minutes. There are three climbing stations on the wall with state of the art auto belay systems (automatically lets you down slowly); this allows everyone a chance to climb without fear of injury.

Video Arcade

The video arcade has a mix of popular games for children of all ages. The games vary in type and skill level. Some are physically oriented; others focus on hand eye coordination. The most profitable games issue tickets that may be redeemed for prizes. The arcade will be operated on a 50-50 split with a regional arcade company. In a national survey of FEC operators, respondents reported coin-operated games, both redemption/skill and video, were the second top attraction and revenue source, behind birthday parties. While FEC operators may have different attractions, all of them have video and/or redemption games.

Food Service

A small snack bar will serve fountain drinks, hot dogs, chips, and frozen custard (ice cream). The food area will also provide space for birthdays and other private parties. A renter may use our food fare or use our outside caterer.

Customers will walk through the food service area to and from the miniature golf course. As the customers walk off the 18th hole they find hot dogs, chips, and fountain drinks awaiting them. Frozen custard is a summer favorite too. Besides lending the feel of a full outing experience, the food service is a profitable portion of the business.


In addition to the arcade business there are two other profit centers using vending machines. On the course, a bottled water vending machine is located between the 9th and 10th hole.The final fun profit center comes from three fish food vending machines located at the Koi ponds, which are a central part of the golf experience. Other course operators are redeeming $13,000 per year from their fish food vending machines.

On a national level, the top revenue generators at FEC’s are motion simulators (arcade), birthday and other parties, miniature golf, food and beverage, and go-karts.

3.1 Future Growth

As initially introduced, Sammy’s is a Family Entertainment Center, not simply a miniature golf course. Other products and services being considered in our growth plan are:
  • Go-Karts
  • Second 18 holes of miniature golf
  • Batting cages
  • Trampoline Thing
  • Logo sportswear sales
  • Remote control 4WD vehicles
  • Lagoon for bumper boats and/or remote control boats.