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Entertainment icon Miniature Golf Course Business Plan

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Sammy's Family Entertainment Center

Management Summary

John and Michelle both manage people in their current careers. John is an Engineer/Paramedic making split-second life and death decisions on a daily basis. He supervises another fire fighter on the ambulance. For five years John acted as a Captain for the Firefly Fire Department supervising seven firefighters and making decisions for the city of Firefly. He was also President of the Firefly Firefighters Union for ten years. During this time he made executive decisions in his management capacity and participated in negotiations. John is the owner/manager of Airport Mini Storage. When he bought the units they were losing money at only 60% occupancy. Under his management they are consistently 90% occupied and remain profitable.

Michelle is a dental hygienist who has one assistant working for her. She also frequently manages student interns. As a dental hygienist she is skilled in the management and motivation of each patient on a personal level. The ability to evaluate and judge acceptance and compliance in individuals is a skill that she employs daily.

For additional information see Resumes below. [Confidential and Proprietary information omitted from this sample plan.]

6.1 Personnel Plan


Optimum customer service is important, even critical, for the success of Sammy’s. But the owners also realize the high (and expanding) cost of employees. Fortunately, in the miniature golf industry, a high number of customers can be served efficiently by relatively few employees.

Sammy’s will require one staff member for off peak hours. Additional staff will be scheduled in accordance with demand determined by daily attendance patterns, eg: more staff will be required during summer months and during weekend and evening hours.


Sammy’s will have a salaried manager on staff during the months the facility is open.

Assistant Manager

The assistant manager will be an hourly employee working for $9.35 per hour.

Part-time Staff

Part-time staff will be used as needed for optimal customer service.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Manager $25,000 $25,625 $26,266
Asst. Manager $15,000 $15,375 $15,759
Part time staff (1.5 FTE) $15,450 $15,836 $16,232
Owners (1 FTE) $0 $0 $0
Total People 5 5 5
Total Payroll $55,450 $56,836 $58,257