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Martin Cove Brewing Company

Management Summary

The following is the management summary for Martin Cove Brewing Company:

  • John Wilson will manage the bottling and shipping operation.
  • Brewmasters Bob Taft and Jeffery Calson will manage the brewing process.
  • Felix Henderson will manage marketing and sales.

6.1 Personnel Plan

Martin Cove Brewing Company’s personnel plan is as follows:

  • Bottling and shipping manager;
  • Brewing managers (2);
  • Marketing/sales manager;
  • Bottling staff (4);
  • Shipping staff (3).
Personnel Plan
FY 2003 FY 2004 FY 2005
Bottling and Shipping Mgr $48,000 $50,000 $52,000
Brewing Mgrs (2) $96,000 $100,000 $104,000
Marketing and Sales Mgr $48,000 $50,000 $52,000
Bottling Staff $108,000 $112,000 $116,000
Shipping Staff $72,000 $75,000 $78,000
Total People 11 11 11
Total Payroll $372,000 $387,000 $402,000

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