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On The Water

Company Summary

On The Water creates and serves a wild atmosphere for dining and eloquent mediterranean feasts for people who love the restaurant and bar scene, as well as a good time spent out on the town. Its customers are creative, fun-seeking, and sophisticated diners who wish to be best served by the restaurant they choose.

2.1 Company Ownership

On The Water is a sole-proprietorship business owned in majority by its founder and president Lily Valdivia. The business employs the owner, one investor and eight employees.

2.2 Start-up Summary

Our start-up expenses come to $61,450 which is mostly expensed equipment, rent, and legal and consulting costs associated with opening our first restaurant. We also require $69,000 of start-up assets, which includes $22,000 cash and $45,000 of long-term assets. The start-up costs are to be financed some by direct owner investment, as well as with the help of a major investor.

Mediterranean restaurant business plan, company summary chart image

Start-up Expenses
Legal $500
Stationery etc. $750
Menus $200
Consultants $1,000
Insurance $1,000
Rent $6,000
Expensed equipment $50,000
Other $2,000
Total Start-up Expenses $61,450
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $22,000
Start-up Inventory $2,000
Other Current Assets $0
Long-term Assets $45,000
Total Assets $69,000
Total Requirements $130,450
Start-up Funding
Start-up Expenses to Fund $61,450
Start-up Assets to Fund $69,000
Total Funding Required $130,450
Non-cash Assets from Start-up $47,000
Cash Requirements from Start-up $22,000
Additional Cash Raised $0
Cash Balance on Starting Date $22,000
Total Assets $69,000
Liabilities and Capital
Current Borrowing $0
Long-term Liabilities $0
Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills) $15,450
Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) $0
Total Liabilities $15,450
Planned Investment
Investor 1 $85,000
Other $30,000
Additional Investment Requirement $0
Total Planned Investment $115,000
Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) ($61,450)
Total Capital $53,550
Total Capital and Liabilities $69,000
Total Funding $130,450

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