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Web Plan Summary

The Sunapto MedCabinet website will be the virtual business card and portfolio for the company, as well as their online “home.”

It will highlight the MedCabinet and provide access to the monitor and notification service. The website is part of Sunapto’s overall marketing mix. Its main purpose will be to provide information and service to existing customers. It will have a commerce section to allow new customers to purchase Sunapto’s offered products and services.

The website needs to be simple yet classy, and well-designed at the same time, and is in keeping with the latest trends in user interface design. A site that is too flashy, or tries to use too much of the latest Shockwave or Flash technology can be overdone.

Sunapto plans to contract out the development and hosting of the initial MedCabinet website.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The MedCabinet content/commerce site will focus on providing customer service, access to the MedCabinet Monitor and Notification service, products and product information to the healthcare community, caregivers and customer segments. The site will also provide informational and educational content relating to medication compliance/adherence issues.

Sunapto’s website will have a fast loading, extremely user-friendly user interface (UI). The UI will be key to the Web strategy, as it needs to appeal to the audience and at the same time be simple and clean.

6.2 Development Requirements

Sunapto plans to contract out the development and hosting of the initial MedCabinet website. Sunapto will work closely with a selected website developer to develop a simple, classy, yet Internet focused site that satisfies the needs of Sunapto’s target groups.