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AgaMatrix, Inc.

Web Plan Summary

AgaMatrix’s website will be a dynamic marketing tool for the company that serves the needs of business development, sales, and recruiting. The company site will provide information about AgaMatrix’s products and services for target customers and potential business partners, such as marketing collateral, technical white papers, and new product updates. As the company grows,  its recruiting needs can be addressed by posting career opportunities and FAQs about the company. will also communicate company news to create and maintain positive public relations with the community and investors. The goal will be to implement a functional and professionally designed website that can be adapted to meet the company’s growing needs.

6.1 Development Requirements

Creation of future versions of the AgaMatrix website will continue to be outsourced to Nathan Bailey, a professional graphics designer with over 15 years of experience. The contractor will work with the marketing department to conceptualize the company’s logo and overall design. It will be maintained in-house and major site redesigning will be made through a contractor.