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The Medical Group

Market Analysis Summary

In 1993, the Texas State Department of Health Services announced the beginning of a process to convert approximately 75% of the over 5 million medical recipients in the state into a healthcare environment. This artificial government interdiction into the healthcare delivery system in Texas has had a significant impact on medical recipients, payors, and most importantly, doctors.

This change, in combination with changes in the Medicare Act, has created an opportunity for TMG to provide a managed care access vehicle to doctors for an extremely profitable portion of the healthcare delivery system, individuals who have both Medicare and Medical health benefits (walk-in).

Medical services management business plan, market analysis summary chart image

Market Analysis
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Potential Customers Growth CAGR
Walk-in Patients 25% 200,000 250,000 312,500 390,625 488,281 25.00%
Doctors 15% 500 575 661 760 874 14.98%
Other 5% 150 158 166 174 183 5.10%
Total 24.97% 200,650 250,733 313,327 391,559 489,338 24.97%

4.1 Market Description

The managed care industry is a vital component of the healthcare delivery system of the United States. Its component parts are payors (HMOs), physicians (managed care entities such as IPAs and MSOs), hospitals, and other providers.

4.2 Market Size

In Denton County there are over 300,000 individuals with both Medicare and Medical coverage (walk-in). In the five Southern Texas Counties (Denton, Garland, Dallas, Plano, and Memphis), there are 330,000 walk-in, and in the whole state, there are 650,000 walk-in. In Denton, there are 436,000 Medicare recipients. Currently 17% of those recipients are in Medicare HMOs and approximately 592,000 are not. Of this 592,000, approximately one third (1/3) are walk-in. In the State of Texas, there are 1.8 million Medicare recipients with 27.22% currently in HMOs. That leaves 1.5 million Medicare members still not in HMO’s. Walk-ins are one third (1/3) of that total, or 650,000 eligible.  

4.3 Customers and Target Markets

Doctors and the walk-in market

In Denton County there are approximately 1.8 million medical recipients, of whom, more than 200,000 are walk-in patients, or individuals who have both Medical and Medicare. 

In Denton County alone there are over 330 physicians who fall into the category of doctors with more than 100 walk-in patients in their practice base. This group, which incorporated in the spring of 1999, has as its key officers physicians with walk-in patient levels in excess of 500.