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DocBuzz, Inc.

Management Summary

The company recognizes that initially we have management gaps. The company is seeking to fill these positions, and should the company require the services of one or more of these positions, the company will hire a consultant to fill the role of a virtual executive as the immediate need presents itself.

Robert E. Rayder, MD, FAAP Founder and Principal
Michael Y. Wu, MD, FAAP Founder and Principal

Dr’s. Rayder and Wu are university-trained pediatricians with a combined 35 years experience in successful private practice. They have significant involvement in the medical and pharmaceutical communities. Both hold faculty positions in several university/medical schools.

CEO (TBA): We are actively searching a dynamic individual MBA with both pharmaceutical and Internet expertise to manage the overall operation of the company.

IT Director (TBA): The IT director will oversee the IT development of the company including Web development.

CFO (TBA): The CFO will be in charge of the overall finance of the company.

Marketing Director (TBA): The marketing director will develop and implement the marketing plan of the company.

6.1 Management Team Gaps

We realize that we have major management team gaps; however, those gaps will be filled on a temporary basis by a virtual management team.  This team will be compensated for specific services that they have provided.  Using this method, the company will not feel pressured to hire someone that may not be a good fit with our company simply because they are qualified to fill the position.

6.2 Personnel Plan

The table below, contains the details of our personal plan. For the positions filled by virtual management, we have simply listed the office title that person holds.  When someone is hired by our company to fill one of these positions, their names will be inserted next to their title.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Dr. Wu $75,000 $75,000 $82,500
Dr. Rayder $75,000 $75,000 $82,500
CEO $50,004 $50,004 $55,000
IT Director $39,996 $39,996 $44,000
Marketing Director $39,996 $39,996 $44,000
Secretary $22,800 $23,500 $25,000
Secretary 2 $0 $22,800 $23,500
Secretary 3 $0 $22,800 $23,500
Bookkeepter $0 $0 $22,800
Secretary 4 $0 $0 $22,800
Secretary 5 $0 $0 $28,000
CFO $50,004 $50,004 $55,000
Total People 7 9 12
Total Payroll $352,800 $399,100 $508,600