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Zenergy Medical Industries

Web Plan Summary

Our website will be informational and will serve as a repository for the organization through password-accessible pages where we will update critical company information.

The Web pages viewable by the public will be designed to be extremely fast and easy to use, and will enhance our brand image as, “clinical pros with a variety of product solutions for the complications of X disease in the elderly.”  It will feature the following content:

  1. Product information.
  2. Contact info for the representative who covers their area.
  3. Information about comprehensive programs.
  4. Research articles with the latest on disease care.
  5. Links to disease websites and to our suppliers’ websites.
  6. Customer testimonials and sales success stories.
  7. Information about Medicare guidelines for the therapeutic system program.
  8. Progressively expanded content relevant to homecare and post-acute care and the complications of disease.
  9. Links to other disease product companies.
  10. Possible customer Web portals to allow corporate office executives to track progress of member facilities in implementing a therapeutic system program.

Website Marketing Strategy

We will attempt to drive customers and sales reps to use the website as our primary source of communicating company information and any other relevant information on disease, the market, reimbursement, etc. We will explore using Web portals as a means to get corporate office decision makers to drive program compliance.

Development Requirements

We will develop a very basic website using standard packages and doing the development work in-house. We will target going live with the basic site by early May, then we will enhance the site as we go along.