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Zenergy Medical Industries

Company Summary

Zenergy Medical Industries will be seen by post-acute-care providers as THE source for product solutions to manage the complications of X disease.

We are a start-up company that will initially distribute a full line of disease therapies and medications, followed by additional complimentary products that fit with our strategy. Zenergy Medical Industries’ headquarters will be in Charleston, S.C.

Our source of differentiation will be in our distribution and marketing strategies. We will leverage our corporate account relationships and create marketing programs to drive demand for our products solutions at the corporate level. We will establish a unique network of clinical sales professionals, first in the Southeast, then nationwide, who will then build relationships at the facility level by providing value-added service and expertise to caregivers.

Regulatory Issues
As distributors, our only relevant compliance issues are to stay in compliance with CMS’s supplier standards as regulated by the DMERCs and to stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations regarding patient data.

Company Ownership

Zenergy Medical Industries is a division of Finkelstein and Acropolis, LLC., which is equally owned by Acropolis, Finkelstein, and Aktum.

Capital for start-up costs will be provided out of private funds from Acropolis, Finkelstein, and Aktum. Zenergy Medical Industries will also seek an SBA Micro-Loan to supplement the private funding provided by the three managing executives.

Start-up Summary

The key elements in the start-up plan for the company are:

  • Create the strategic business plan.
  • Establish a corporate identity and positioning strategy.
  • Establish a location and place of doing business.
  • Obtain a Medicare provider number.
  • Build a field clinical sales organization focused initially on the Southern U.S.
  • Define key business processes for ordering, billing, reimbursement, record keeping, customer satisfaction tracking, etc.
  • Build relationships with key decision makers in targeted Homecare and Assisted Living chains.
  • Costs of raising capital through private placement.

More specifically, start-up requirements include the following:

  • Legal fees to draw up employment agreements and various company legal documents.
  • Office supplies and stationery to purchase business cards and stationery with the new company’s information; this is also intended to cover basic office supplies (pens, paper, calculators, files, etc.)
  • Initial cost to obtain appropriate general liability insurance policy of $300K on our facility.
  • Rent (1 month rent and 1 month deposit @ $450 per month).
  • Office equipment lease – computer, printer/copier/scanner/fax machine.
  • Telecommunications – Cost of DSL internet connection, phone line listed under company name in directory assistance; purchase of phone.
  • Accounting – For 7-8 hours to get our bookkeeping processes in place (accounts payable to suppliers, lessors, etc., accounts receivable from Medicare and patient co-pay, commission payout system, basic journal entry system for recording orders, collections, etc.
  • Surety bond – per National Supplier Clearinghouse Customer Service Group, this requirement has been waived (verified with Kimberly on 2/8/05, and Bonnie on 2/9/05).
  • Marketing Materials – Purchase desktop brochure software and brochure quality paper, secure marketing materials from manufacturers, create a basic website, license use of any research articles, and create our own flyers and brochures for corporate account use, facility use, and use to recruit sales people.
  • Other – Unanticipated expenses.
  • Start-up assets –  Working capital; product inventory; office furniture (file cabinet, desk, book shelf).
Medical equipment - supplies business plan, company summary chart image

Start-up Expenses
Legal $500
Stationery and Office Supplies $250
Liability Insurance $60
Rent $900
Office Equipment Leases $125
Telecommunications $320
Accounting $150
Surety Bond $0
Marketing Materials $500
Travel $0
Other $500
Total Start-up Expenses $3,305
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $9,500
Start-up Inventory $2,500
Other Current Assets $275
Long-term Assets $0
Total Assets $12,275
Total Requirements $15,580