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Zenergy Medical Industries

Executive Summary

This business plan has been developed to present our company to prospective supplier partners, employers, and investors. Zenergy Medical Industries is a start-up company focused initially on distribution of leading brands of therapeutic systems for use by residents of Homecare and Assisted Living facilities at risk of complications from X disease. After establishing a market presence with this product niche, we will expand to offer other products related to further treating and managing complications of the disease. 

The market is currently served poorly and inconsistently by a patchwork of local pharmacies and distributors. We will offer a regional, and ultimately national, network of clinical sales professionals, which will make us the partner of choice for large, geographically diverse Homecare and Assisted Living (A.L.) chains, and will make us attractive to potential supplier partners.

Market Potential
The two major market opportunities are “at risk” residents with the disease in Homecare and Assisted Living. There are an estimated 345,784 Homecare at risk residents, with a potential $59.6 million revenue, and an estimated 66,671 Assisted Living at risk residents, with a potential for $17.6 million in revenue.

Competitive Advantage
The product technology is available to all players in this market. We will differentiate ourselves by adding value through our distribution strategy and channels, and our comprehensive product lines and programs that make working with us incredibly easy. We are uniquely positioned to gain market share in this segment due to our corporate account relationships, our ability to build a regional (ultimately national) field clinical sales team quickly, and our ability to create compelling marketing programs. The competition is largely smaller, more local distributors and pharmacists who are not approaching this market in a sophisticated or coordinated way.


  1. Using relationships with decision makers at major homecare chains to gain unique access to sell into their facilities. This will allow us to provide “pre-qualified” sales opportunities to our field-based clinical sales team.
  2. Effectively building a strong national clinical sales team capable of building strong relationships with clinical decision makers at the facility level.
  3. Creating marketing strategies and tactics to position ourselves as leaders in providing clinical product solutions to help facilities manage the complications of disease.
  4. Gaining distribution relationships with a unique combination of top suppliers to build a comprehensive line of product solutions for managing the complications of the disease. We will create an effective channel of distribution that will be indispensable to suppliers as a cost effective way for them to penetrate the post-acute market.

We will utilize the therapeutic system offering as the means to gain entrance into the market and build our organization. Then we will add complimentary products for managing complications of the disease, followed by other products related to managing complications of heart disease and aging.

Financial Summary
The owners will invest personal savings in the business. We are seeking an additional short-term (3 year) loans, to supplement initial cash flows from sales for the first year. We anticipate a first year net profit. This should grow substantialy by year three. By the end of year three, Zenergy Medical Industries will have a very respectable net worth.


  • To achieve the sales growth targets by month six and by end of year one. Aggressive gains in market share and average monthly revenues in year two.
  • To grow the contracted sales team to seven field clinical sales reps by month eight and to 25 field clinical sales reps by year three.
  • To achieve net profit in year one, increasing in year two, by containing costs and meeting sales goals.
  • To begin paying Vice Presidents a regular salary starting in year two.
  • To maintain 90 day customer satisfaction survey results (% who would definitely repurchase and definitely recommend us) at 98% or higher.


We provide post-acute-care facilities with product solutions to help manage complications of X disease. We take pride in helping to alleviate patient suffering associated with these conditions.

Keys to Success

  1. We offer a comprehensive line of innovative, top quality products.
  2. We provided unequaled clinical support on a regional (national) level to post acute facilities.
  3. We have close relationships with key decision makers in top post acute chains, and with key administrators and clinicians at the facility level.
  4. We do an exceptional job of articulating the value of our products and solutions.We position ourselves in a clear, powerful, and memorable way in the marketplace.
  5. We have an organization with a unique spirit that makes people eager to join us or do business with us. Once people join us, they can’t imagine working anywhere else.
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