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JTB Products and Services

Web Plan Summary

JTB’s Web-based marketing plan is essentially the same for all of the JTB divisions, with the exception of how each division targets its clients. As JTB will be able to add its services offering into the marketplaces to be developed, we will get day to day information and feedback from the various paid ads we place in industrial trade magazines, and with other websites as well. The Web plan is to link our products and services with as many affiliate sites as possible. 

When established, these marketplaces and affiliate sites will serve as a very cost effective marketing tool for all of the JTB divisions, again keeping in mind that each division’s approach to this will be tailored towards its intended potential clients. Each division will have dedicated websites operating under the JTB logo. With a customer database available at all times via our servers, we can easily track our marketing expenditures and customer demographics. 

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

JTB will develop and manage as many industrial marketplaces as possible, seeking out niche marketing that drives customers to our industrial products and services sites. Also, JTB will embed itself into many other sites utilizing search engine technology, affiliate marketing programs, and paid banner ads.

As JTB’s Integrated Technologies Division will develop all of its sites and software applications, this will be done at a considerably lower overall cost than our competitors would spend to develop the same type of applications.

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Start your own manufacturing - custom parts business plan

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