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JTB Products and Services

Products and Services

JTB Products and Services will provide the following:

  • Manufacturing of patented products from the JTB line of Automotive tool products.
  • Manufacturing of patented JTB – Commcut-commercial waterline hole tools.
  • Manufacturing of patented JTB – Sportcut drill system for the sports industry.
  • Providing reconditioning for the Commcut commercial waterline tools.
  • Providing reconditioning for the Sportcut drill system for the sports industry. 
  • Providing reconditioning of industrial tools sold by JTB Industrial Sales.
  • Prototype building from clients’ CAD drawings. 

With the proper mix of equipment, JTB can work as both a manufacturer and a service provider, repairing its own products and its competitors products as well. Additionally, the equipment gives the business an opportunity to sell itself to its clients at the production managers level and at the shop level, forging solid ties with production and engineering managers.

Our prototype services will be handled via the Internet: a client sends a CAD file to our secure dedicated servers, we download the CAD file into the 3-D software, and the process of developing a tangible prototype begins. Including this type of technology will bring JTB much closer to the Aerospace and Automotive industries. This process can also help JTB develop additional products for different markets. Related engineering technology will consist of 3-D Computer Aided Design where applicable in the prototype work.

The mix of JTB’s Industrial Sales and Products and Services Division makes the actual sale, as the business can respond to the clients in any way needed. Our ability to share information about order status and offer products and service from our distributor partners will allow for even more opportunity with the clients, as they are always looking for ways to reduce purchasing costs.

3.1 Competitive Comparison

Why should the industrial buyers work with JTB Products and Services?

JTB’s products are developed to perform better than the competition. Our products are developed with the goal of providing our clients a good, value-based purchase that will help them be more profitable in their day-to-day operations. Our commitment to high quality and consistency in our products and services is what sets us apart from others.

Our services also combine a good value-based approach, and still provide quality. Our attention to customer detail is a critical component in our customer service area. Our custom sales software allows our staff to keep detailed, accurate notes on our customers’ requirements, allowing us to fulfill orders to their preferences. This commitment to consistency allows the customer to feel confident when they ship orders in for service.

3.2 Future Products and Services

JTB will methodically seek out additional products to match our customers’ requirements while working closely on applications to provide our clients with a better overall result in their manufacturing process.

In particular, we will add products to our own lines, and develop a sales strategy around each product. The additional products and services will likely come from our distributor partners, allowing us to develop quality product and service offerings. Our distributor partners can also produce private label products for us.

Further development on this strategy will come from our engineering software applications. These applications will allow us to work one on one with plant application engineers to fine tune products to maximize the product’s life, yielding the best possible results.