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Management Summary

The company’s founders have had many years of valuable experience at the top-notch value-added consulting firms. They have helped their clients to succeed in many industries and have first-hand exposure to the Internet business. As the company reaches its sales and market share goals, additional management will be hired to handle the increased business volume.

6.1 Management Team

[Name Omitted] is Founder and CEO of QuickReturns. Most recently, [name omitted] was a Business Analyst at MacKlinkey & Company in the Los Angeles, California office. At MacKlinkey, [name omitted] specialized in Internet start-up and e-commerce consulting engagements, working at companies in the Internet, software, banking, and entertainment industries. Much of his client work centered on consumer and retail distribution strategies, giving him the general supply chain background necessary to start QuickReturns. Before working at MacKlinkey, [name omitted] worked as an analyst at the Doltko Group, a high profile corporate lobbing firm in Washington, D.C., and as an assistant to Kashel Offenbautten, the Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives. [Name omitted] graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Duke University, where he received a B.A. in Public Policy, Economics, and Markets & Management.

[Name Omitted] is President. [Name omitted] most recently served as an Associate Vice President at Cataillus Development, where she started up and led the $750 million San Diego project, managing efforts in strategy, marketing, business development, legal, engineering, and operations. She also oversaw due diligence efforts and structured and negotiated corporate acquisitions and joint ventures. [Name omitted] previously served as Director of Business Development at PaWES Corporation and as Director of Public Affairs at HNTB Corporation. [Name omitted] attended UCLA for her M.B.A. as well as for her Masters of Urban Planning, in which she specialized in urban economics. [Name omitted] earned her B.A. in Comparative Area Studies at Duke University.

[Name Omitted] is Software Development Director. [Name omitted] is currently a Senior Consultant at BarkurAnonym LLP in the Los Angeles, California office. At BarkurAnonym, [Name omitted] has led Monocle implementations, e-commerce designs, and new consultant instruction classes. He has worked with clients in the retail and software industries. Prior to working at BarkurAnonym, [name omitted] worked as a Technical Sales Consultant for Monocle Corporation, where he supported the mobile field sales force by developing technical presentations based on business requirements gathered by field representatives. [Name omitted] graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, where he received a B.S. in Industrial Management.  

[Name Omitted] is VP, Operations. [Name omitted] is currently an Associate at MonZonite Associates in their Chicago, Illinois office. At MonZonite, [name omitted] has specialized in operations consulting for retail, manufacturing, and banking clients. Prior to working at MonZonite, [name omitted] was a Partner at  Parbuckle Services, LLP, a diversified group of retail and service businesses in North Carolina. At Parbuckle, [name omitted] performed due diligence on acquisition targets and negotiated their purchase prices, in addition to managing growth of six stores in the group. [Name omitted] has also worked as a Project Researcher at the Center for Syzygy Systems, a biotechnology laboratory in Boca Raton, Florida. [Name omitted] holds an M.B.A. from The Wharton School, where he received a Howard E. Mitchell Academic Fellowship. [Name omitted] also has a Masters in Public Policy from Duke University and a B.A. in Psychology from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

6.2 Personnel Plan

The company’s prime goals in marketing and technological development will be reflected in the structure of QuickReturns’ personnel and future hiring needs. As the company grows, additional staff will be hired. Efforts in preserving the entrepreneurial company culture will be important to ensure the future growth. The table below outlines the personnel plan for the first three years.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Managers $693,996 $1,563,500 $2,304,000
Administrative personnel $277,596 $625,400 $921,600
Technical personnel $416,400 $938,100 $1,382,400
Total People 40 75 115
Total Payroll $1,387,992 $3,127,000 $4,608,000