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Group Publishing, Inc.

Management Summary

With production and fulfillment services outsourced, The Group Publishing, Inc. has need for general management, editorial, artistic, sales & marketing, and financial expertise.

6.1 Management Team

Red Brushwielder (44), President & CEO, Publisher & Editor
Mr. Brushwielder founded and successfully grew an advertising agency over a thirteen year period. He is accomplished in both publishing and direct marketing. One of his largest clients over the years has been Payne’s Gray Publishers, Inc. a NASDAQ public company and Art book publisher.

Mr. Brushwielder has a total of 20 years experience in advertising and publishing. His advertising clients have included American Express, Steinway & Sons Piano Company, Peachtree Software, Parisian Department Stores, and ADP Payroll Services. Red Brushwielder attended the University of South Carolina.

Ochre & Sienna Burnt, Asst. Editors
Ochre (50) and Sienna (48) are the founders of Painting Restoration, which has the mission of restoring old family portraits. They are accomplished authors, with the titles “Restoring the Early Portrait” and “Demolishing Portrait Forgeries” to their credit. Ochre served in the U.S. Navy, serving three deployments in Viet Nam as a helicopter pilot.

Ochre holds a BA in Economics from the University of Connecticut, an MBA from California Lutheran College, and a Master’s of Art Education from School of Hard Knocks. Sienna holds a BS in Education from the University of Connecticut.

John Crimson (50), Interim Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Crimson was last VP and Treasurer for Holiday Inn Worldwide. He previously was President of a $30 million dollar credit union. John has a BA in Finance from the College of Wooster in Ohio and an MBA in Finance from Emory University.

Timothy Clark (48), VP of Corporate Development
Mr. Clark has successfully raised capital for both public and private companies and has written and executed strategic growth plans as both an executive and as a consultant. He has previously been in executive positions with three growth stage companies and also was part of a turn-around team that successfully righted a failed venture-backed start-up. In his early career he held sales and marketing management positions with Lever Brothers Company and the LCR Division of Squibb, Inc. both in Chicago and New York. He is skilled in Strategic Planning and Capital Formation. Mr. Clark holds a BA in Marketing from the University of Notre Dame.

6.2 Management Team Gaps

An art director is needed. Also freelance artists.

Ad sales manager and circulation manager are factored in as needed.

6.3 Personnel Plan

The following table includes the personnel plan and projected salaries for all key people.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Production Personnel
Name or Title or Group $0 $0 $0
Name or Title or Group $0 $0 $0
Subtotal $0 $0 $0
Sales and Marketing Personnel
Ad Sales Mgr. $36,000 $40,000 $44,000
Subscription Mgr. $15,000 $30,000 $33,000
Subtotal $51,000 $70,000 $77,000
General and Administrative Personnel
Red Brushwielder, CEO $60,000 $66,000 $72,000
Ochre & Sienna Burnt, Exec. Editors $52,800 $60,000 $66,000
John Crimson, CFO $12,000 $52,000 $60,000
Exec. Asst. $18,000 $22,000 $24,000
Timothy Clark, VP Corp. Dev. $18,000 $36,000 $48,000
Subtotal $160,800 $236,000 $270,000
Other Personnel
Art Director $52,800 $60,000 $66,000
Freelance Artist $6,000 $6,000 $6,000
Bookkeeper $5,400 $0 $0
Subtotal $64,200 $66,000 $72,000
Total People 10 11 11
Total Payroll $276,000 $372,000 $419,000