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Group Publishing, Inc.

Company Summary

Group Publishing, Inc. began as a joint concept between two avocational artists, Red Brushwielder, an advertising executive, and Thallos Green, a former insurance executive and the owner of the “Artists In Business” name. Mr. Green will promote “Artists In Business” as a radio program for syndication (a separate business entity).

Mr. Green is licensing the “Artists In Business” name to The Group Publishing, Inc. for the sum of $1 (one dollar). Mr. Green will also receive one page of advertising at no charge in each and every issue of the magazine and one page of editorial in each issue (as the founder of the magazine). It is expected that the radio show produced by Mr. Green will be a powerful promotional vehicle for the magazine.

Group Publishing will have exclusive rights to “Artists In Business” for all print media, electronic media (Internet home page, CD-ROM, Interactive Publications, etc.), catalogue business, and possible seminars and workshops devoted to the artistic business person.

2.1 Start-up Summary

The following tables and chart outline our start-up requirements and needed funding.

Equity investment in the company is now being made available to outside investors for the first time. The purpose of this investment is to raise the needed “seed” capital to launch the magazine. An initial Private Placement offering to raise from $150K to $375K is in progress. The minimum amount of the offering would be sufficient to publish the first new issue in 1997. Money raised in excess of the minimum will enable full-scale sampling and marketing of subscriptions. It is possible that no further investment may be needed. However, it cannot be assured that additional capital will not be required in the future or that sufficient capital will be available to continue publication.

We anticipate buying back the outside investment in year three for $1.5 million.

Magazine publisher business plan, company summary chart image

Start-up Funding
Start-up Expenses to Fund $83,000
Start-up Assets to Fund $67,000
Total Funding Required $150,000
Non-cash Assets from Start-up $0
Cash Requirements from Start-up $67,000
Additional Cash Raised $0
Cash Balance on Starting Date $67,000
Total Assets $67,000
Liabilities and Capital
Current Borrowing $0
Long-term Liabilities $0
Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills) $0
Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) $0
Total Liabilities $0
Planned Investment
Private Placement ’96 $150,000
Investor $0
Additional Investment Requirement $0
Total Planned Investment $150,000
Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) ($83,000)
Total Capital $67,000
Total Capital and Liabilities $67,000
Total Funding $150,000
Start-up Expenses
Legal $7,500
Stationery etc. $2,500
Brochures $5,000
Consultants $12,500
Development Advisory Fee $8,000
Rent $7,500
1st Issue Total $40,000
Total Start-up Expenses $83,000
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $67,000
Start-up Inventory $0
Other Current Assets $0
Long-term Assets $0
Total Assets $67,000
Total Requirements $150,000

2.2 Company Ownership

Red Brushwielder is the founder of The Group Publishing, Inc. a newly formed Southwest “C” corporation. He currently owns all its stock.

2.3 Company Locations and Facilities

The Group Publishing, Inc. has current offices at 1234 Main Street, Anytown, GA. 30000 The phone # is … and the fax # is …. The office is fully equipped and functional. It is not anticipated that expanded facilities will be needed for the first few years of the plan. All business, management and editorial functions will be performed there. All printing, mailing, warehousing, and fulfillment is outsourced.