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Write Bike


Write Bike is a freelance article writing service dedicated to the bicycle industry. Articles are either written upon request about a specific person or subject, or are written speculatively. The following article types are representative of the content that Write Bike produces:

  • Product reviews: These are reviews of new products which have recently hit the market. Write Bike applies an objective, criteria-based system for evaluating products. Generally Kraig requires a period of a couple of weeks to have enough experience with the product to produce a comprehensive analysis.
  • Rider and industry personnel interviews: These interviews are generally based on networking contacts that Kraig has developed over the years. The interviews can take place in person, on the phone, or via email. The topic of the interview is usually guided by the editorial slant of magazine that the interview will be submitted to.
  • Trade show reports: Twice a year there are bicycle industry trade shows held for the U.S. market. These articles will be reviews of the “happenings” at the trade show. A large component of the trade show articles are preview photos of the up-and-coming new products.
  • Fitness articles: These are generally physiology and training-based articles specific to cycling. Years of cycling experience and a biology undergraduate degree has provided Kraig with expert status for this type of article.
  • Repair articles: These articles typically chose a specific topic of bicycle repair or maintenance and then provide a detailed, step-by-step, how-to guide for readers on that procedure.
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Start your own magazine journalist business plan

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