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Bra~vo Intimates

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Bra~vo’s strategy to gain the largest portion of market share.

  • Policies geared toward total customer service and retention.
  • Create a warm and natural shopping environment for women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable, serving refreshments, making her feel welcome.
  • Employees that are well trained, compensated and appreciated, taking part in fashion merchandising and window decor. We will hold monthly meetings recognizing their contributions and creativity in an applauded way.

5.1 Milestones

The milestones table below outlines our plan with specific dates along with who will enact that step and an assigned budget.

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Complete Business Plan 5/31/2001 5/31/2001 $0 RA Marketing
Confirm Logo 6/15/2001 6/15/2001 ($1,000) RA Marketing
Enter PaloAlto business plan contest 5/31/2001 5/31/2001 $0 RA Marketing
Apply for Bank Loan 5/31/2001 5/31/2001 $157,190 RA Marketing
Secure Store Location/Lease 6/10/2001 6/10/2001 ($12,500) RA/LW Marketing
Apply for Business License & Building Permits 6/1/2001 6/1/2001 ($35) RA Marketing
Hire Builder Confirm Build out plan 6/5/2001 6/5/2001 ($18,000) RA/LW/DS Marketing
Place Inventory Orders 7/15/2001 7/15/2001 ($95,000) RA Marketing
Order Store Fixtures 6/15/2001 6/15/2001 ($18,000) RA/LW Marketing
Order Alteration Equipment 7/15/2001 7/15/2001 ($385) LW Marketing
Purchase RetailPro Program & Hardware 7/1/2001 7/1/2001 ($10,500) RA Marketing
Place Opening Advertising 7/1/2001 7/1/2001 ($8,500) RA Marketing
Order POS Supplies 7/5/2001 7/5/2001 ($995) RA Web
Order Business/Bankcard Supplies & Machine 7/5/2001 7/5/2001 ($1,105) DS Operations
Confirm Start of Insurance Plans 7/15/2001 7/15/2001 ($2,100) DS Operations
Contact Utility Companies 7/15/2001 7/15/2001 ($2,250) DS Operations
Hire Staff 9/15/2001 9/15/2001 ($1,460) RA/LW Department
Opening Event 9/4/2001 9/4/2001 ($3,000) RA/DS Department
Store Opening 9/5/2001 9/5/2001 $0 ABC Department
Other 1/1/2003 1/15/2003 $0 ABC Department
Totals ($17,640)

5.2 Sales Strategy

  • Our goal is to sell a minimum of two units per transaction, an average item being $72, we aim for a total sale of $144.
  • Every customer purchase will include care instructions. While being fitted the salesperson will explain product care and each sales receipt will include care instructions and return policy.
  • Utilizing the Retail Pro system will enable us to record a customer’s contact information and purchases, enabling us to create a contact list for promotions, special events and the arrival of new products.
  • We believe it is important to remain an active member of the local business community supporting our downtown area, taking part in local promotions as well as being an active member in organizations that impact our customers lives (Breast cancer awareness, Gilda’s Club and Dress for Success).
  • Our knowledgeable sales staff will offer the highest level of customer service. This type of service during an intimate fitting experience develops a strong bond between the customer and her fitter, which in turn develops a devoted customer.

5.3 Sales Forecast

In this section we outline the first three months of our sales plan in detail, giving pertinent information that will affect sales performance. After which we show the peak selling times for each category. The following table will show our sales plan for the next three years, with the first year in a monthly category plan. We plan an aggressive second year for the intimate apparel category due to the launch of the mastectomy department.

September $19,350, approximately 269 units

This is our opening month and therefore we have estimated sales on the conservative side. If we open according to plan, September 6, 2001, we will have 25 selling days with an average daily goal of $774. We will have a grand opening party the night before opening for business, inviting the press, local retailers, city officials, family and friends. We will serve wine & cheese while professional models feature key items and the staff explains our expertise and answers any questions. We will send out press kits to all the major media and organizations.

  • Intimate apparel/bras at $8,500 (44%, and approx. 131 units), we believe that most sales will be in the fashion sets, merchandised on the wall in the front of the store.
  • Shapewear is a strong category the industry over, with shaping panties being the leader, we plan $3,000 (16% approx. 32 units) for this category.
  • The Sleepwear/At Home-wear category is more of an impulse purchase and based more on fashion than fit and comfort, we will lean more on this category as we start up, with this category planned at $7,500 (39% approx. 81 units). The greatest portion of the items sold in this category will be young contemporary sets and the start of Fall nightwear, especially in robes, followed by At Home/lounging sets.
  • Hosiery is something we will build on, planning the majority of the first three months sales to be in everyday basic panty hose selling $250 (approx. 1%, 17 units).
  • The final portion of the sales plan is in the “other” category, $100 (approx. 0.5%, eight units), primarily in lingerie wash.

October $23,350, approx. 324 units

In the month of October there are 31 selling days, an average daily goal of $753.

  • Our second month we will have an ad in Hour Magazine, the October issue is their Fall Fashion issue and will go on the stand the end of September. This is a high-end glossy magazine and on the stand for approximately one month. That gives the customer an opportunity to go back to the ad more than once if she is making a mental note about visiting the store.
  • Bras/Intimate Apparel at $9,000 (38%, and approx. 139 units) same as above, with more fittings taking place, due to advertising.
  • Shapewear will increase as the weather turns cooler,and we move into the Fall and Holiday season. Planned at $4,500 (19%, approx. 50 units).
  • The Sleepwear/At Home-wear category is planned to grow with cooler weather. Planned at $9,500 (41%, and 110 units).
  • Hosiery same as above planned at $250 (1%, 17 units).
  • Other category same as above, at $100 (0.4%, approx. eight units).

November $30,000, approx. 417 units

In the month of November there are 29 selling days, an average daily goal of $1,035.

  • This month we will bring in swimwear. Our ad in Weddingpages will hit the stand at the end of the month, featuring both undergarments for the bride and swimwear for the honeymoon.
  • Bras/Intimate Apparel category will be selling a bit more of the high fashion sets and strapless bras for the Holiday season, planned at $10,000 (approx. 33%, 161 units).
  • Shapewear will increase in percentage this month due to the garments needed for Holiday dresses, planned at $4,500 (15%, approx. 55 units).
  • Sleepwear/At Home-wear will increase due to the receipt of fall robes, planned at $10,000 (33%, approx. 115 units).
  • Swimwear will supported by advertising, planned at $5,000 with an average selling price of $100 (17%, approx. 50 units).
  • Hosiery will increase with the Holiday season, planned at $300 (1%, approx. 20 units).
  • The Other category will increase with the receipt of swimwear wash, planned at $200 (0.7%, approx. 16 units).
Lingerie retail clothing store business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Lingerie retail clothing store business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Intimate Apparel/Bras $170,000 $225,000 $255,000
Shapewear $48,000 $67,500 $85,000
Sleepwear/At Home wear $95,000 $110,000 $130,000
Swimwear & Accessories $71,000 $112,500 $135,000
Hosiery $4,300 $5,200 $5,750
Other $1,450 $15,000 $44,500
Total Sales $389,750 $535,200 $655,250
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Intimate Apparel/Bras $76,500 $101,250 $114,750
Shapewear $19,200 $27,000 $34,000
Sleepwear/At Home wear $38,000 $44,000 $52,000
Swimwear & Accessories $28,400 $45,000 $54,000
Hosiery $2,150 $2,600 $2,875
Other $0 $0 $0
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $164,250 $219,850 $257,625

5.4 Advertising Campaign

In talking with prospective customers, and Sales Reps for the Tri-county papers, we have determined our customer reads/listens/watches the following mass media and have devised our advertising program accordingly. Outlined below is our first three months of advertising.


  • Detroit Free Press
  • The Detroit News
  • The Oakland Press
  • The Macomb Daily
  • The Daily Herald
  • Hour Magazine
  • The Royal Oak Mirror
  • The Metro Times
  • The Observer & Eccentric papers
  • Weddingpages


  • WJLB
  • WNIC
  • WPLT


  • BET- Black Entertainment
  • Lifetime
  • WE- Women’s Entertainment

Advertising Schedule (Print Ads/section/audience/cost:)

September Budget $2,721

Cable Advertising

  • A commercial featuring the store and services.
  • To be played on BET, Lifetime, H&G, The Weather Channel, and WE
  • Approx. $1,300

Gazette- Troy/Somerset

  • 1/4 pg. Weekly paper- Sat.
  • Above the fold, front 5 pages.
  • 4×5 ad. wealthy Oakland county area 1/2 business, 1/2 families
  • $136

The Mirror

  • 1/4 page Ad.
  • Weekly paper- Oakland County
  • $50,000 household income
  • $1,285

October Budget $2,885

Hour Magazine

  • 1/6 pg. 4 color Oversized magazine gives a large ad.
  • Fall Fashion issue comes out the last week of September
  • Over 110,000 subscriptions. Stays on newsstand until end of month.
  • Only Detroit monthly magazine.
  • $1,585

Cable Advertising

  • A commercial featuring the store and services.
  • To be played on BET, Lifetime, H&G , The Weather Channel, and WE
  • Approx. $1,300

November Budget $3,233

  • Michigan Weddingpages & The Knot website
  • Published twice a year, December & June
  • Distribution of 60,0000, at over 200 locations
  • The Knot website has 12,234 area brides as members and 1,020 additional joining each month. A Profile on their website entitles us to a 75 word description of products, price range, services, hours, photo, logo, map-directions, contact information. They will fax all email replies.
  • The Weddingpages Ad 1/3 $1,887
  • The Knot site $46 per month

Cable Advertising

  • A commercial featuring the store and services.
  • To be played on BET, Lifetime, H&G, The Weather Channel, and WE
  • Approx. $1,300

5.5 Promotional Plan


Opening Party for the press, friends and family.

Press Release kit sent to all major media and organizations 2-3 weeks prior to opening.

Kit will include: press release, glossy picture of store and interior, postcards of some of the brands carried, our business card and an invitation to the opening party.


Give a short presentation at the meeting of the Plastic Surgeons Assoc., to explain how we can care and fit their patients. Distribute a folder of information to offer their patients, containing: brands carried, services and a glossy of the store. (This is aimed toward enhancement and reduction surgeries.)


The start of “Have a fit during lunch”

The third Thursday of each month we will provide tea sandwiches and beverages while our customers get fitted or shop during their lunch hour. No need to sacrifice lunch for shopping. This will be mentioned in our cable advertising for the month.