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Bra~vo Intimates

Management Summary

Bra~vo has a very strong, experienced and professional management team, with over 35 years of combined experience. With each member working in their area of specialization we have every aspect of the business covered. Each member has their area of expertise and percentage of ownership, creating a unified and synergistic team.

6.1 Management Team

Rebecca Autumn will be: Owner/Operator and will be responsible for buying, customer sales and fittings.

Rebecca has spent 18 years in the women’s apparel industry, with five years in the Intimate Apparel industry, three years as a Sales Manager and two years as a sales representative. Calling on stores across the country, working with them to develop their business through inventory management, sales analysis and store promotions. Being based in the Detroit area during her time as a Sales Rep., she is very familiar with all the Intimate Apparel accounts in the state, as well as many across the country. Rebecca is single, 40 years old, and home owner in Royal Oak.

Lucille Winters will be: Co-owner and will act as merchandising consultant, employee training and part-time sales.

Lucille has an extensive background in retail including, Store Owner, Department Store Manager, Speciality Store Manager and Store Merchandiser. Areas of special skills- in-store promotions, store merchandising, customer service and employee development.

Deborah Summers will be: Co-owner and will act as Operation Manager responsible for payable and receivables, inventory control, in store promotions, billing and sales. Deborah has over 20 years experience in operations management, with comprehensive skills in accounts payable/receivable, payroll, office set-up and insurance billing.

6.2 Personnel Plan

Our store will be open seven days a week during the summer when people are shopping the downtown Royal Oak area. Through the winter season we will close on Sundays as do most of the downtown retailers. For the Holiday season we will extend our hours to two nights a week to accommodate those after work shoppers. We will be located next to a well known upscale seafood restaurant, throughout the summer customers line up to wait for a table. We will be able to capture that traffic. As long as there is a customer in the store we will stay open and serve her.

Below are the hours for each season and a yearly employee plan with average weekly hours and pay. We will contact the head of Wayne State University’s Fashion Merchandising Program to arrange an internship for an outstanding Junior or Senior year student who would like to work and earn credit as she learns about the operations of a fashion store from the ground up.

Winter Season Holiday Season Summer Season
Jan.-April Oct.-Dec. May- Sept.
Sunday closed 12-5 12-5
Monday 10-5:30 10-5:30 10-5:30
Tuesday 10-5:30 10-5:30 10-5:30
Wednesday 10-5:30 10-7 10-5:30
Thursday 10-7 10-7 10-7
Friday 10-5:30 10-5:30 10-7
Saturday 10-5:30 10-5:30 10-5:30
Total Hours 46.5 53 53
Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Rebecca Autumn–Full Time $42,600 $45,500 $50,000
Part Time Employee–18hrs.@$9.00 per hr. $8,440 $19,125 $21,000
Part Time Employee–18hrs.@$9.00 per hr. $4,950 $14,375 $15,525
Lucille Winters–Occasional $4,183 $6,500 $6,750
Deborah Summers–3/4 Time $28,425 $42,000 $50,000
Seasonal Part Time $1,650 $1,800 $1,800
Total People 4 4 4
Total Payroll $90,248 $129,300 $145,075