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Load Hog

Company Summary

Load Hog was founded in 1997 by John and Carol Kowalski, who are majority shareholders. Over the last three years the company has developed, manufactured, and patented a unique kit that converts an ordinary pickup truck into a full-on dump truck.

2.1 Company Ownership

Load Hog is a Subchapter S, Pennsylvania Corporation majority owned (91%) by John and Carol Kowalski. Two members of the Board of Directors own the minority position (nine percent).

2.2 Company History

It took Load Hog over a year to design and start manufacturing its products. In 1998, all of the operating expenses were incurred by the product design and development efforts. The first experimental kits were sold in 1999, with most of the year spent on product improvements. In 2000, the company started marketing the full spectrum of its products in the U.S.

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Past Performance
1998 1999 2000
Sales $0 $3,591 $205,697
Gross Margin $0 ($12,302) $124,814
Gross Margin % 0.00% -342.58% 60.68%
Operating Expenses $18,000 $392,327 $270,385
Collection Period (days) 0 0 0
Inventory Turnover 0.00 0.00 0.00
Balance Sheet
1998 1999 2000
Current Assets
Cash $1,832 $1,426 $2,806
Accounts Receivable $0 $0 $26,591
Inventory $1,200 $112,755 $187,673
Other Current Assets $0 $2,842 $5,418
Total Current Assets $3,032 $117,023 $222,488
Long-term Assets
Long-term Assets $15,201 $470,722 $362,502
Accumulated Depreciation $0 $48,346 $68,330
Total Long-term Assets $15,201 $422,376 $294,172
Total Assets $18,233 $539,399 $516,660
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable $0 $39,916 $74,002
Current Borrowing $0 $5,536 $385,239
Other Current Liabilities (interest free) $0 $0 $0
Total Current Liabilities $0 $45,452 $459,241
Long-term Liabilities $0 $524,427 $421,710
Total Liabilities $0 $569,879 $880,951
Paid-in Capital $382,581 $371,931 $375,886
Retained Earnings ($364,348) ($357,918) ($686,386)
Earnings $0 ($44,493) ($53,791)
Total Capital $18,233 ($30,480) ($364,291)
Total Capital and Liabilities $18,233 $539,399 $516,660
Other Inputs
Payment Days 0 0 0
Sales on Credit $0 $0 $0
Receivables Turnover 0.00 0.00 0.00

2.3 Company Locations and Facilities

The 50 million registered, 5 million unregistered, and the 3 million new pickup trucks produced annually represent a rich target environment in which to operate.

Keeping the market size in mind, Load Hog offers a kit which extends and enhances the working attributes and capabilities of virtually any pickup truck. Load Hog’s conversion kit will rewrite the book on getting full utility from any pickup truck.

Load Hog has designed, patented, manufactured, and is marketing a revolutionary kit that converts an ordinary pickup truck into a full-on DUMP TRUCK.

Load Hog has juxtaposed off-the-shelf components and applied the soundest development principles to create a product of the highest quality and engineering integrity. Load Hog is not only establishing the market for this product, but also the standard by which all subsequent entrants will be measured.

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