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Laser Tag

Products and Services

This chapter describes Zone System’s laser tag game. The description cannot properly instill an appreciation of the adrenalin-pumping thrill a participant gets from the game. This can only be understood by playing the game. Consistent with the principals’ philosophy and objective, the complex will also offer the area’s finest selection of video games to its customers for their amusement before and after they play laser tag. Modest food and beverage offerings are also planned. Another important feature of the complex will be its party room, available for rent. Finally, some thought has been given to offering a “Makoto,” a unique new form of interactive technology, which challenges participants physically and mentally! Today’s consumer is always looking for the newest, hottest product and by combining challenge with entertainment “Makoto” exceeds the desires of consumers! That customers can also use for their enjoyment. “Makoto” is not anticipated to be part of the initial complex.

A qualified staff member will give a briefing to the players in a ready room prior to donning the game’s gear. After the players have been briefed about the game, they will enter into the arena.

Stepping into the laser tag arena is like walking through a life-size video screen into a futuristic labyrinth filled with unfriendly forces. Your senses are bombarded by pulsating music, sirens and intermittent flashes of light and color breaking through the foggy darkness. Enemies crouch in shadows, intent on your destruction. For an instant you consider retreat — then you remind yourself this is just a game. The object of the game is to score points while defending yourself and your team’s base from attack. Players are grouped into three teams of up to 10 members, identified by the color of the flashing lights on their electronic vests–green, red or yellow. A typical play experience is 30 minutes, including a briefing on rules and strategy, a stop in the vesting room to pick up a laser and vest displaying targets on the shoulders, chest and back, and 15 minutes of intense competition in the arena. Points are scored by hitting the opposing teams’ targets and deactivating their base stations, while avoiding being hit by an opponent or a beam from an electronic sentinel, programmed to shoot randomly. Reload stations for replenishing ammunition make it possible for all players to stay in the game for the entire session. The Zone Systems lasers and vests are the most technologically advanced equipment available in the industry. Players always know if they’ve been hit or scored points because, when a target is hit, the chest pack in the vest vibrates, sounds a “power down” alarm and emits a flash of white light. The scoring player’s ID number and team are displayed on the chest pack, and scores are stored instantly for automatic downloading to the main computer. When the game is over, players receive personalized score sheets detailing all aspects of their performance.

Peripheral entertainment and services include video games, vending machines and souvenir shirts, sweats, caps and mugs. One upcoming innovative entertainment venue machine is called “Makoto.” Constructed of three arena towers with 10 square lighted panels, which illuminate various colors and emit audible tones, “Makoto” is sure to engage and thrill while bringing physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Armed with a staff and a desire to dominate, participants tap the panels as they light up randomly around them. As one becomes more proficient, they can choose different levels and degrees of difficulty, making the machine move faster, which shortens the players’ response time between taps. Engaging all the senses, “Makoto” promises to deliver a rounded and rewarding opportunity for the whole being: body, mind and spirit.

Part of the exceptional success that a Zone systems laser tag center has had worldwide is attributed to its party room. The room is available for groups. Typical groups include birthday parties, office parties and activities such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts outings. The room will normally be rented for two hours at a time. It will include snacks (pizza and soft-drinks) and a game in the “Zone.” This has proven to be exceptionally successful in Family Entertainment Centers. The management team believes it will be instrumental in achieving the target revenues projected in this plan.