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Entertainment icon Laser Tag Gaming Center Business Plan

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Laser Tag


Laser Tag will be located in Big Mall shopping center, in a space between Reaction Fitness center and Big Mall. The address is 4415 Suite B, North West Birch Road, MyTown, Ohio.

This is an excellent location to serve our target market. The shopping center is centrally located and easy to reach from anywhere in the metropolitan area. Traffic at this location is one of the highest in the MyTown area, with a count of over 37,000 cars passing by east and over 34,000 passing by west daily. Laser Tag will have over 3,300 potential patrons between the age of 10-24, and a total population of 55,302 within only 3 square miles. The Big Mall shopping center is centrally located on Birch Road between the few entertainment venues available and within less than 2 miles of MyTown ’s premier restaurant facilities, such as Applebee’s and Chili’s. The Big Mall shopping center is well known to our market and will be easy to identify in our advertisements. The shopping center is located at the corner of Birch Road and 44th Street, both of which are high-traffic thoroughfares. Locating on these streets makes it easy for our customers to reach us by car. There are over 5 entrances to the shopping center parking lot from these streets. Parking is ample around the shopping center and more than 30 spaces are available immediately in front of the Laser Tag entrance. The MyTown Area Transit bus line also serves the Big Mall Shopping center.

4.1 Space and Access

11,080 square feet is available for development. Access to the main lobby is from the main entrance at the front of the building, with a separate entrance to the party room venue from the front parking area for event patrons.

4.2 Facility Design and Development

The concept of the laser tag arena is that players are inside a starship of the future, engaged in combat with alien invaders.

To enhance its entertainment value, the entire facility will be laid out and decorated in a manner consistent with this concept. Similar to a Disney amusement park theme, such as Tomorrowland, everything in the facility will present visitors with a look and feel that is consistent with the starship concept. The entertainment goal is to invite patrons to suspend belief and imagine that while in the facility they are actually inside a starship.

The design for the facility’s layout is provided by Zone Systems, the supplier of the turnkey laser tag game system.

Patrons first enter the spacious starship-themed lobby that is populated with the video games and filled with the sounds of teen music and games. The lobby also contains the counter, computer, cash register, and an overhead video screen.

Three rooms are dedicated to the laser tag experience. The first room (briefing room) is where the customers get a dramatic briefing on their preparations to do battle with the invading aliens. The second room (armory) is where players put on their Zone Systems gear (vests and phasers). The third room is the combat zone (arena). When the game ends, customers return to the armory to hang up their gear, and then return to the lobby. As they pass through the armory, the next group of players is being briefed. Three additional rooms are for special events, such as birthday parties.

3,500 square feet of the 11,080 available will be used for the lobby, ticket counter (“Mission Control Center”), and arcade (video games). 219 square feet will be used for the briefing room. The armory will be a 275 square feet room. 4,600 square feet will be used for the combat zone arena.

The 3 special event rooms will total approximately 1,080 square feet each and another 1,406 square feet will be used for employee, business use, and restrooms.

4.3 Renovation

After consulting with 3 local firms, the Dan Schwartz Construction Company was selected to remodel the interior. For $38,000, the walls and doors will be built to create the rooms needed. The construction includes preparing the walls and ceilings for their final covering, laying carpeting throughout, and installing the counter and restrooms.

Zone Systems, the leading laser tag equipment and services firm provided the basic design for the facility and arena. That company is also supplying its internationally-recognized game system and equipment. The walls, ceilings, and doors will be decorated with the Hollywood-quality special effects; the ideas for the effects come from Zone Systems and other Laser Tag companies observed. These special effects give game players the feeling that they are on a futuristic starship.

The counter and display area will be built large enough to house the “Mission Control Center” of the laser tag on one side and have the same capacity for soft drink fountains, pizza menu’s, and condiments for dine-in-only delivery by a local pizza company on the other. A portion of the pizza menu side of the counter will also be built to display ticket redemption items for the young party patrons as they receive tickets from the machines.

Frontier Music of MyTown will provide the sound and light systems for the arena and a separated system for the arcade and party rooms.

MyTown Novelty will provide the Arcade machines and will ensure that electrical supply by the contractor is adequate.

Renovation will commence one week from approval of the loan and will finish within 30 days. The special effects and game system will then be installed, with a planned finish date of 1 weeks of remodeling. Games will be run daily for the first week to confirm that all systems are operational, and to train employees. The grand opening is scheduled for no more than 60 days from the beginning.