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Entertainment icon Laser Tag Gaming Center Business Plan

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Laser Tag

Company Summary

Laser Tag is a start-up company that will be located in the Big Mall shopping center, which serves many of the 115,000 people who live in the MyTown metropolitan area.

Laser Tag will purchase laser tag equipment from Zone System, and become a member of the North American branch of the “Zone” group; a fast-growing, international network of laser game companies utilizing the futuristic technology designed by P&C Micros of Melbourne, Australia. Pioneers of arena laser games, P&C principals, Patrick and Catherine Holms, have maintained a relentless focus on technical innovation. They are avid laser game players and their immersion in the game has given them insight into what keeps players coming back for more. As a result, they have developed dozens of game enhancements and a menu of practically thousands of customizing options, making Zone hardware and software the most reliable and advanced in the industry.

P&C Micros currently licenses and operates Zone 3 laser arena sites in every major city in Australia. In just over six years, with 29 sites, Zone 3 has captured over 95% of the Australian marketplace. In fact, several of Zone 3’s current sites have converted from other game systems in order to take advantage of the superior “Zone” technology, equipment and game features. In addition, new “Zone” sites are either planned or are currently under construction in Singapore, China, the Philippines, South Africa, Canada, Mexico and South America. MEGAZONE, the company holding the master license for “Zone” products in Europe, is the fastest growing Laser Company in Europe. Megazone now has 18 sites operating throughout the United Kingdom, as well as Italy, Norway, Holland, Finland, Sweden and Spain.

Zone System is now in position to take the U.S. market by storm. As a member of the international group of Zone companies, Zone System draws on a history of success in Europe and Australia, as well as truly outstanding entry in the U.S. market.

Zone System’s focus is on technology, because innovation and flexibility are the cornerstones of tomorrow’s success. Superior technology provides it with staying power. It keeps the game interesting and challenging no matter how many times a “Zonehead” has played. Software upgrades can be installed in minutes and are often available over the phone by modem. Thousands of game enhancements and options can be activated through a simple menu selection. Zone System provides its members with a full set of manuals detailing everything necessary to operate the franchise successfully. The manuals include:

  • Pre-Opening Manual
  • Personnel Manual
  • Game Operations Manual
  • Business Operations Manual
  • Marketing Manual Accounting Manual

The manuals cover all aspects of operations from site selection, facility design, ordering equipment, staffing, Grand Opening planning, game operations, equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, bookkeeping, monthly accounting reports, customer service, merchandising, promotional events . . . These manuals are the result of years of compilation from existing site locations throughout the world.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Zone System’s support for its members is in the area of technical support. Electronics and computers make the game real. They must be durable. The game pack is made of polycarbonate (bullet proof glass). Hand pieces are designed to military specifications. Over five years of experience with the hardware has shown it has the ability to endure abuse. In the event of an equipment problem, the unique game system and its modular components, with built-in diagnostic testing routines, minimize down time. Failed components can be replaced without special tools. Zone System’s software experience indicates that it is extremely reliable and operates virtually trouble-free. In the event a problem arises, Zone System’s corporate headquarters provides technical support by modem. Corrections can be downloaded in a matter of minutes in most situations, thereby minimizing any downtime in the “Zone”. Zone System has addressed obsolescence. The game is software driven. Enhancements to the game can be implemented with software updates. The hardware operates off of the software. This assures a long life for the equipment.


A capable management team has been assembled. Mr. Smith has the necessary entrepreneurship skills to make the project successful. Mr. Smith’s philosophy includes the belief that the complex should provide cutting-edge family entertainment at an attractive price. His objective is to have the finest facility of its kind.

2.1 Start-up Summary

Our start-up costs will be $138,844, of which the owner plans to invest $27,000 . The funds will be used for:

  • General Expenses (Insurance, rent during renovations, etc.): $12,097
  • Initial Renovation: $38,000
  • Furnishings and Fixtures (Assets): $51,747
  • Cash for Start-up: $10,000

The start-up funding will be financed by loans arranged through a lending agency that Small Business Administration has qualified as a guarantor. Start-up assumptions are shown in the following table and chart.

Laser tag gaming center business plan, company summary chart image

Start-up Expenses
Legal $250
Insurance $1,000
Rent $4,617
Renovation $38,000
CPA $75
Marketing $5,000
Utilities $845
Phone $310
Total Start-up Expenses $50,097
Start-up Assets
Cash Required $10,000
Start-up Inventory $0
Other Current Assets $4,480
Long-term Assets $47,267
Total Assets $61,747
Total Requirements $111,844

2.2 Company Ownership

Laser Tag will be an Ohio subchapter S corporation that will incorporate in this year of 2004. John Smith will own 100% of the corporation.