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City Dojo

Management Summary

Shihan has been the owner of the dojo since 1975. He currently has a contract bookkeeper and no employees. The dojo is self running. The Shihan oversees operations and provides the majority of instruction, however he has a inner circle of five black belt instructors who handle training assignments when the Shihan is not available. 

6.1 Personnel Plan

While currently the dojo has no employees, in August 2002, the Shihan expects to hire a part-time sales associate/receptionist to handle the expected increase in new membership. 

The dojo has a loosely organized Board of Advisors for instructional issues of which we are formalizing. This group is made up of of five key black belt instructors (Sensei).

In addition, the dojo is establishing another Board of Advisors for business issues, this team will consist of a five member team each with experience in: general business (insurance), accounting, small business, legal issues and human resources.

Personnel Plan
2002 2003 2004
Owner (Shihan) $9,500 $40,000 $60,000
Sales Associate/Receptionist $2,500 $12,000 $12,000
Total People 2 2 2
Total Payroll $12,000 $52,000 $72,000

6.2 Management Team Gaps

The dojo itself is a small business. However, it is putting together a quality management team (Board of Advisors) to assist in business matters. Gaps in legal, tax, marketing and personnel will be covered by the Board of Advisor team. Our weakest area is in the technical (computer) field, however we are identifying several candidates who could be solid additions to the Board of Advisors for the dojo in this expertise.