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Rockin Roll


Rockin’ Roll will provide services to three different groups of customers.

  1. Bowling Leaguers. Rockin’ Roll bowling will provide a quality bowling experience to bowling league clients, both local and touring. Rockin’ Roll will offer nine game leagues to local bowling teams.

    While Rockin’ Roll specializes in providing the local community with bowling facilities, the bowling alley will also be built fully equipped to host televised bowling tournaments. Through bowling leagues and tournaments, Rockin’ Roll will establish itself as a local community center and entertainment capitol for King County.

  2. Youths. Rockin’ Roll will also introduce the bowling league experience to youths through its Saturday morning teen leagues. Rockin’ Roll bowling will attract youths under the age of 21 on evenings or weekends to roll on the lanes, snack on their favorite foods, or to play video games.
  3. Elders. Our community leaders, fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers will all be welcomed with senior discounts on food, drink and lane prices. Once seniors experience the comfortable seating and the mixed age crowd while listening to the King sing songs of their youth, they will make themselves at home in the alley, become regulars at the restaurant and may volunteer at league events.
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Start your own karaoke bar - bowling alley business plan

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