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Rockin Roll

Management Summary

Rockin’ Roll Bowling Lanes is a Washington Corporation founded and run by Pelvis Restley. Pelvis Restley graduated from the University of Washington with degrees in both Business and Communications. While at the University of Washington, Pelvis was president of both the bowling club and his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta. Through the University of Washington bowling club Pelvis gained local notoriety as a champion bowler. Since graduation, Pelvis joined the Professional Bowler’s Association and worked as its treasurer for three years. While working for the Professional Bowler’s Association, Pelvis developed budgets and marketing campaigns with a number of television networks and well-known bowling leagues.

One of Pelvis Restley’s strengths was his ability to draw crowds. Another strength was Pelvis’s talent for increasing local league membership. Pelvis spent a fair amount of time with bowling leagues nationwide. After three years however, Pelvis was feeling spread too thin and wanted to center himself in one sweet spot. Pelvis decided to retire from the Professional Bowling Association and start his own bowling alley. Pelvis was able to bring a number of fellow leaguers over to his alley, helping Rockin’ Roll Bowling Lanes start from the beginning.

6.1 Personnel Plan

Initially, the staff will consist of Pelvis working full-time. In addition to Pelvis, a full-time bartender, a full-time kitchen manager, a full-time cashier, a part-time lane maintenance specialist, and a part-time league manager will join Pelvis for the opening of the bowling alley, restaurant and lounge.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Pelvis $36,000 $36,000 $36,000
Kitchen Manager $18,000 $24,000 $24,000
Lane Maintenance $5,760 $7,680 $7,680
League Manager $5,760 $7,680 $7,680
Cashier $10,080 $13,440 $13,440
Bartender $10,080 $13,440 $13,440
Total People 6 6 6
Total Payroll $85,680 $102,240 $102,240