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The Pasta House Co.

Web Plan Summary

The Pasta House Co. corporation  has a website at In the year 2004 we plan on setting up a website for PHC High Ridge and PHC Fenton that will be linked to the corporate website. Using their format our site will include information about our local franchise units, however we plan on expanding the marketing of using a website by customers and the crew.

In this age of communication more and more customers look to a website for information and assistance in purchasing products. We will be part of that great communication tool used by everyone everyday.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

Marketing in an Internet retail business depends on recognition for expertise. It starts with our existing store front customer base, informing them of our Internet presence and encouraging their word-of-mouth recommendations to others. As linked to corporate website our local customer can come to our site for a more local flavor and personal assistance for their needs.

We will develop and maintain a database of our 6,000 loyalty Frequent Diner customers. From there the website will serve the following needs of our customer base. 

  • Provide local information about our PHC locations to the local community
  • New customers can sign up for our  frequent diner/birthday programs
  • Customers can check their Frequent Diner points online
  • Catering information and contacts provided
  • Provide references and pictures of successful catering jobs
  • With a special password, crew can check their schedule on a moment’s notice
  • Purchase Gift Certificates from our stores
  • Purchase the new Gift Cards
  • Purchase retail items on line and have them shipped as gifts
  • Gift Basket information (Gift Baskets are sold at High Ridge and Fenton location only)
  • Employment information online
  • Company wide promotions and new store openings
  • Promotional coupons online
  • Provide new food items in the restaurant
  • General information on other events in the area

6.2 Development Requirements

Because corporate PHC has a website, I plan on working very closely with their Web designer. Each year the best websites are posted at Using this source will enable me to enhance our website to a simple but very effective tool to increase sales at the retail level. Development of the site will change based on our customers needs now and in the future as new ideas come forward for using this communication tool.