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The Pasta House Co.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Every customer who has eaten at a Pasta House Co. is a potential customer. The better we run this Pasta House location the more business we will do. Customers will know that they can get better quality PHC food at this location. They will know that the service is better, and the people are better. The look of the new location will be fresh and clean. The area needs a fine dining family restaurant. The area needs an big name local operation with a home-grown name like The Pasta House Co.


5.1 Competitive Edge

This is what gives us the competitive edge to insure a profitable home-grown expansion:

  • Proven Pasta House Co. concept since 1974
  • Proven track record of PHC High Ridge serving the area for over 20 years  
  • Best home-grown training in the industry
  • Senior PHC High Ridge management and crew to open with
  • Local marketing in all age ranges
  • Known costs with purchase of an turnkey restaurant
  • Current staff and management from JD Drew’s
  • Close and strong support of PHC President and Senior Management
  • Strong food and supply vendors with very high quality products
  • On-going support from PHC Corporation

5.2 Marketing Strategy

We at The Pasta House Co., including all management, crew personnel, supervisors, vendors, design people, family and friends, and new hires will put forth 100% effort to insure a profitable opening and on-going operations.

A fine tuned advertising campaign and new store opening has been developed by The Pasta House Co. president Kim Tucci. Construction is handled by Joe Fresta who has built and opened over 31 location.

5.3 Sales Strategy

The sales strategy is to sign up as many frequent diner customers as possible at the new location as well as High Ridge. Using the Frequent Diner Program in place a High Ridge for three years, we plan to further cement the loyal customers in the area. We will honor 6,000 club members with points at both locations.

We plan on taking advantage of The Pasta House Co. market saturation in St. Louis. We will build and expand on that customer base by exceeding customers expectations. This will bring back old customers and bring in new customers to the Fenton location.

We plan on up-selling customers with our current suggestive selling program. From the hostess to the waiters and waitress our staff has successfully increased the average check for add-on sales from 5% of the average check three years ago to over 13%. This insures an increase in profit without having to depend on an increase in customer counts or price increases.

5.3.1 Sales Forecast

A sales forecast of 5.0% increase in volume over the current High Ridge location is based on the following:

  • Increased visibility and known area of St. Louis. Everyone knows where Fenton is, and few know where High Ridge is located.
  • Increased  traffic flow with the intersection of Highways 141 and 30, with over double the traffic in the area.
  • Increased customers staying in the area to shop. Two major shopping centers compared to a 20 year old strip center.
  • Increased retail employee business.
  • 26% larger space inside, with 30% more customer seating. 
  • Outside seating area during the spring through fall seasons increases the seating by 60% over HR. 
  • Brand new PHC look inside.
  • Private rooms available, to cater private parties.
  • Closer to the eight hotels in the area.
  • Better location closer to St. Louis, where the action is.

Below is a list of the sales volume showing the sales increase in The Pasta House Co. High Ridge from 1984 to 2002:

2003 est $1,633,349
2002 $1,575,900
2001 $1,555,866
2000 $1,521,927
1999 $1,354,347
1998 $1,232,094
1997 $1,160,898
1996 $1,140,184
1995 $1,167,583
1994 $1,094,791
1993 $1,061,775
1992 $988,664
1991 $912,302
1990 $840,152
1989 $817,058
1988 $780,510
1987 $714,808
1986 $703,269
1985 $685,232
1984 $651,897

Italian restaurant business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Italian restaurant business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Sales Forecast
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Food and Liquor Sales $1,638,070 $1,703,593 $1,771,737
Merchandise $5,478 $5,533 $5,588
Gift Certificates $37,700 $38,831 $39,996
Total Sales $1,681,248 $1,747,957 $1,817,321
Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Sales + Merchandise at 25.7% $421,053 $429,474 $438,064
Other $0 $0 $0
Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales $421,053 $429,474 $438,064

5.4 Milestones

 I have full confidence in all of the managers, designers, and PHC people who will make this a huge success.


  • SBA loan and Business Plan
  • Bank Account
  • Franchise Purchase
  • Legal and review of Lease
  • Equipment Purchase
  • Sign Purchases and install
  • Software POS system install
  • Corporation set up, Insurance, Deposits, Liquor License
  • PHC Design Work with Joe Fresta of The Pasta House Co.
  • Oversee entire transformation and operations of the group


  • Crew and manager hiring and training
  • New equipment installed
  • Food & liquor purchases delivery and stocking  
  • Crew and manager scheduling
  • Maintenance and repairs 
  • Advertising

JAN BOLDT/CAROLYN FINCH AND COMPANY (team of 6 designers from Tulsa, OK)

  • PHC design work walls and floors design with Joe Fresta of PHC
  • Shelving and displays in place
  • Design of dining room look
  • Record keeping of purchases and budget
  • Permits, liquor licenses, start up requirements paperwork

Joe Fresta, Vice President of The Pasta House Co.

  • PHC design work and construction work  
  • Oversee display of dining room
  • Oversee kitchen equipment purchase and layout
  • Advise owner when needed
Italian restaurant business plan, strategy and implementation summary chart image

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget Manager Department
Purchase of PHC Franchise 3/1/2003 3/3/2003 $50,000 Dennis Owner
Kitchen Equipment Purchase 1/1/2003 1/15/2003 $16,000 Dennis & Vince GM
Set up Bank Account 1/1/2003 1/2/2003 $90,000 Dennis Owner
Purchase of Smallwares 1/1/2003 1/5/2003 $3,000 Vince Web
Signs Purchase 1/17/2003 1/22/2003 $10,000 Dennis Owner
Product Displays 2/25/2003 2/28/2003 $2,000 PHC Corp Office Corporate Office
Apply Liquor Licence ETC 1/6/2003 1/9/2003 $400 Dennis Owner
Corporation Start-up Fees 1/4/2003 1/10/2003 $1,500 Dennis Owner
Attorney’s Fees Paid 2/1/2003 2/26/2003 $5,000 Dennis Owner
Set up Insurance & Deposits 2/19/2003 2/22/2003 $3,000 Dennis Owner
First Month Rent Deposit 3/1/2003 3/1/2003 $9,500 Dennis Owner
Set up Office/ Computer 3/10/2003 3/14/2003 $1,300 Vince GM
Install Kitchen Equipment 3/2/2003 3/7/2003 $2,000 Denise MGT
Food & Liquor in Place 3/9/2003 3/13/2003 $300 Denise MGT
Food and Liquor Ordered 3/8/2003 3/8/2003 $7,000 Denise MGT
Advertizing Opening 2/20/2003 2/20/2003 $1,000 Vince GM
Crew Training MGRs at HR 1/10/2003 4/15/2003 $10,000 Janet HIGH RIDGE PHC
Pay and Install Software POS System 3/1/2003 3/5/2003 $6,500 Dennis Owner
Construction PHC 3/1/2003 3/5/2003 $23,000 Joe Fresta VP PASTA HOUSE
Walls and Floors by Finch Inc. 3/6/2003 3/9/2003 $8,000 Jan & Carolyn DESIGN TEAM
Opening Night Trial Run 3/15/2003 3/15/2003 $500 All ENTIRE TEAM
Totals $250,000