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The Pasta House Co.

Management Summary

The management team to run the day-to-day operations and shifts at the new location will include Dennis Boldt, Vince Laratta, Denise Shaw, an additional dining room manager, and a kitchen manager, both to be named closer to the opening date. The High Ridge managers will include, Dennis Boldt, Janet Boxx, two new managers and a kitchen manager to be named later.

People are the single most important element in our operations

We value the managers and staff as the single most important element in running a quality operation; the managers need to be all on the same page of operations. We have found that friendly strong managers make friendly strong crew people. From that crew comes the next generation of managers and a quality operation. The customers can see it in the quality of the food, how clean the store is and how friendly and fast they are served. In the past 19 years we have had eight crew people go on to become managers at other Pasta House locations and other restaurants. We also have a deep bench to select our management team from. The current JD Drews store also has managers that I have been told are doing a fine job. We will consider them as manager candidates and make decisions based on the best interests of the restaurant. Below is our management game plan:



  • Owner Operator of The Pasta House Co. franchise located in High Ridge since 1983
  • Duties: strategic development, back-office administration, financial analysis, internal control, taxes and accounting records, payroll, daily operations, quality control, advertising, food costs, labor costs, liquor cost, oversee management controls, maintenance and repairs, and building the business profits.


  • General Manager of The Pasta House Co. High Ridge for 15 years. Before that Vince worked as a waiter at several Pasta House locations.
  • Duties: daily operations, new management development, scheduling, ordering, food, labor, and liquor controls, quality controls, maintenance/repairs, crew training, employment, crew’s hourly wages, pay increases, and overall store operations.


  • Kitchen Manager of The Pasta House Co. High Ridge for 4 years Denise has recently completed training, been promoted to Dining Room manager and has been running shifts for the past year. On her fifth year as a manager Denise has a real talent for dealing with all aspects of the business.
  • Duties: daily operations, ordering, inventory, quality controls, kitchen procedures, labor and food costs controls, scheduling, new hires, crew moral, and overall kitchen operations. Denise will use her experience to train and oversee the new kitchen manager coming on board.



  • Dennis will work 2-3 shifts per week as the manager on duty at High Ridge until management staff can be trained and cover the shifts.


  • Kitchen crew person, kitchen manager, Dining Room manager, and general manager for The Pasta House Co. for 13 years. Janet has done a fine job at PHC High Ridge as a manager for the past eight years. One of Janet’s strengths is her ability to deal with people. Because of Janet and her people skills we have lost very few crew people to other locations.
  • Duties: daily operations, scheduling, ordering, food, labor, and liquor controls, quality controls, crew training, employment, and overall store operations.


Al Fillenwarth, waiter PHC High Ridge 16 years. Al has his Masters Degree in accounting and is recognized as a leader among the crew.

Ryan Mulligan, lead cook for High Ridge for six years. Presently working with the State of Missouri and wants to get back into the restaurant business as a kitchen manager.

Janet Koth, manager for High Ridge for 10 years is presently going to school part time and working at another restaurant. Janet was a fine manager for me for four years before she and her sister opened their own kitchen in central Missouri.

Sara Armstrong, PHC High Ridge kitchen employee for three years, Sara went on to work at several other restaurants and is currently the kitchen manager of another restaurant. Sara has 10 years of kitchen experience and would be considered for the kitchen manager position if she is interested.

Anna Minney, PHC employee for 16 years, has worked as our secretary at High Ridge for the past five years. Anna has the respect of the crew as a manager and knows all aspects of the operation.

Steve Bewig,  PHC lead cook at High Ridge has excellent cooking skills and would make a fine kitchen manager.

Bill Hobbs, current manager JD Drews

  • Bill has been the dining room manager for JD Drews for the past three years and has worked with the owner for the past seven years. Bill comes highly recommended as a manager.

Ron Caputa, dining room manager JD Drews

Ron has been the dining room manager  for the past three years and comes highly dining room from the current owner.

As we get closer to opening the management personnel will firm up with the above candidates and others the may come into the picture. We will not promote a person who is not right for the position. Shifts will be covered with current candidates staff at both locations until the right person can be promoted. The entire candidates staff must act as a solid team.

7.1 Personnel Plan

Management fixed costs at the Fenton location are as follows:

  • Dennis Boldt @ $30,000
  • Vince Laratta @ $60,000
  • Denise Shaw @$39,000
  • Dining Room Manager @ $32,000
  • Kitchen Manager @ $25,000
  • Total Management Costs  $186,000

Management Team at High Ridge

  • Dennis Boldt
  • Janet Boxx
  • Dining Room Manager
  • Dining Room Manager
  • Kitchen Manager

Kitchen labor at both locations would be 11.3% of sales. 

Dining Room labor at both locations would be 6.1% of sales.

Payroll taxes 10% of sales.

Personnel Plan
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Management Salaries based on $186,000 $186,000 $228,968 $235,837
Kitchen Labor at 11.3% of Sales $185,604 $198,211 $204,157
Dining Room Labor at 6.1% of Sales $99,834 $101,601 $104,649
Total People 65 67 70
Total Payroll $471,438 $528,780 $544,643