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Web Solutions, Inc.

Executive Summary

Web Solutions, Inc. (Web Solutions) is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company offers the following services to its customers:

  • Dialup and dedicated Internet access (up to 64 Kbps).
  • High bandwidth Internet access (128 Kbps).
    • Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).
    • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).
    • Wireless.
  • Website and virtual domain hosting.
  • Server co-location.
  • Network design, installation, and administration services.
  • Web design (currently outsourced).

Web Solutions is a company driven to provide customers with a complete solution to their entire current and future Internet and private network needs. The company’s customer base includes all consumers and all small- to medium-sized businesses, including start-ups.

Web Solutions benefits from several strategic alliances by receiving very competitive pricing on most services, allowing the company to offer competitive pricing on its services to customers.

ISPs offer a way for people to enter the Internet. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), an information technology research and consulting firm located in Framingham, Massachusetts, the consumer ISP market will expand from $10.7 billion in 1998 to $37 billion in 2003.

Competitive threats come from other ISPs located in or around Phoenix, including the following companies: Jump.Net, Arizona.Net, EarthLink, and Mindspring. Most competitors offer solutions for Windows, and perhaps Macintosh, but ignore all other operating systems. With the rise of Linux and other alternative operating systems, there is potential for Web Solutions to surpass its competitors.

Web Solutions has a world-class management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, and unique administration skills. Its team includes Mr. Jason Williams, Mrs. Amy Williams, and Ms. Geena James.

Projected revenues for 2000 through 2002 substantial steady growth. The company is seeking a major investment to fund four areas of growth in the company:

  1. Increase personnel to handle sales, service, and development efforts.
  2. Increase marketing to assure future customers are aware of our offerings and aggressive pricing.
  3. Expand our base of operations (using wholesale providers, partnerships, and other mechanisms) to include at least the top 100 U.S. markets for dialup and dedicated Internet access.
  4. Perform research and development to bring new products to market.
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1.1 Mission

The mission of Web Solutions is to provide customers with a complete solution to all their current and future Internet and private network needs.

Web Solutions has established a reputation for quality work and plans to continue to enhance its image in the industry. The company seeks to become a well-known and respected provider of advanced network solutions by:

  • Increasing service offerings.
  • Increasing availability and accessibility to current and future customers.
  • Creating innovative, unique, and cost-effective solutions to problems currently faced by customers.