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Irish Pub Bar Business Plan


McKnight's Pub offers a wide variety of spirits, concentrating on imports from Ireland such as Harps, Guiness, Erin's Rock, Murphy's Irish Stout, and Wild Irish Rouge on tap along with Baileys Irish Creme, St. Brendan's and other liquors. In addition the Pub offers domestic and other imported beers by the bottles and a full bar for mixed drinks. In the back the pub has a small kitchen that offers a limited menu of such things as sandwiches, fish and chips, etc. For St. Patrick's Day and other Irish holidays the pub offers traditional favorites such as Irish stew, leek and potato soup, and corned beef and cabbage.

Once the brewery begins production, we will concentrate on ale production including wheat beers, stouts, and porters as these include the more traditional types of Irish brews. We intend to initially start with five different types of beer, eventually increasing to ten. All brews will have a different brand name.

3.1 Sales Literature

Although McKnight's has never printed or distributed sales literature by itself, it has certainly taken advantage of the various articles in the local paper and travel/entertainment magazines that have been written about the pub. With the change in focus to a pub and brewery, Mr. Davis, the owner, plans to insure that the press is made aware of the changes in the hopes that this will create additional articles and literature.

3.2 Sourcing

The Pub purchases large quantities of alcohol from local and regional distributors including Kitsap Distributors and Darian Beverages. Most of the inventories of food come from Portland Produce. McKnight's receives discounts when certain volumes are purchased. The pub seeks to maintain good relations with its distributors in order to insure high-quality products are delivered on time. McKnight's markup prices from that of wholesale generally runs between 15-20% depending on the drink or meal. Junkboxes, pool tables, and other amusements between are leased and serviced by the leasing company under existing contracts.

The new brewery equipment to be installed in March of 2003 will come from Key West Brewery Equipment. Much of this equipment will be secondhand, but all of it will be personally selected by our new brewmaster, Mark Hudson. Storage, kegging and bottling of our in-house brews will be done personally.

3.3 Technology

The pub as a whole is a relatively low-technology establishment in keeping with its old world personally. The establishment does use a computer to track inventory, sales and other crucial aspects of profitability. In addition there is an electronic cash register used to ring up sales.

Much of the brewing process done these days is computer controlled so as to insure that heat, pressure, fermentation, and other aspects of beer production stay constant and insure high quality. McKnight's will be investing in two top of the line Pentium three computers plus all the necessary gauges for production.

3.4 Competitive Comparison

McKnight's primary competitive advantages are its existing reputation, location, and high quality establishment with expensive and decorative exterior and interior that embraces the Irish motif.

3.5 Future Products

As stated earlier, McKnight's is currently expanding its products by including a microbrewery establishment gauges. This includes installation of a mash kettle, fermentation tanks, agitators, pumps, heat exchanger, refrigeration unit, etc.

Mr. Davis plans to observe how sales of in-house microbrews develop to determine if there is a future market for bottling the pub's homebrews for sale in the pub and in local beer stores.

At this time, Mr. Davis is also contemplating expanding the limited kitchen facilities so as to furnish a larger number of meals with greater variety. However, this expansion is not planned for the immediate future.

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