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Web Services Provider


Main services provided by Web Services Provider are outlined below.

  1. DSL. A Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is high-speed Internet access that is an “on all the time” connection and ranges in speed from 144k to 6Gb transfer rate.
  2. Hosting. Web hosting clients generally have the company place a single, or several, website on a server in our facility and pay for the amount of disk space that they need to operate their site.
  3. Dedicated Server. Clients seeking to maximize the speed of their site due to high traffic or download will lease a dedicated server from Web Services Provider, leaving the maximum capability of the server all to their own site.
  4. Co-location. Co-location customers provide the hardware themselves and administer their site or sites via the Internet.

When hosting and dedicated server clients are secured, orders will be processed immediately and the customer can be up and running within a few minutes. Dedicated server clients can be online within 1-2 hours unless a special server must be built.

3.1 Future Services

Having already established the relationships and infrastructure, Web Services Provider will continue to search for emerging and existing technologies to improve and expand lines of business. As advances in technology continue, Web Services Provider will upgrade to meet specific objectives of present and future clientele.

Web Services Provider plans to respond to market needs by keeping abreast of all new technologies and updates to be first to market using its already established lines of business as a market vehicle. Web Services Provider will move quickly on plans for next generation products/services.