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Web Plan Summary

Truckbay will consist of two core and ten affiliate websites, all driving listings and traffic to each other. will be our eBay Motors listing service website. will be our main classified advertising website. The ten affiliate websites will be described in the next section.

6.1 Website Marketing Strategy

The customer has two choices from the beginning. They can add a few listings and try out the auction service or add their entire inventory. Team members will be trained to ask if they can gather more of their inventory off of their company website to add to their free showroom. This showroom will be built into our eBay template and provide additional exposure to all of the Dealer’s inventory. In addition, select inventory will be placed in the Truckbay eBay Store, ultimately driving more views, traffic and leads to our existing clients. 

From here our proactive Sales Team will research matching equipment from the eBay Motors sold archives to pick out those items they feel will be successful in the eBay Motors auction. A follow-up phone call discussing the research results and reminding them that their listing is already in our database will help close more listings.

Once a new listing has been added to the auction, showrooms and stores, we will download the equipment to the main website. This public website will hold our entire database of classified ads and will have a simple Search Feature on the homepage for visitors to easily find the equipment they are looking for. Once they find matching listings, they will have the ability to view the dealer contact information or save it for future reference and comparison.

Finally, we will start with 10 linked websites that target a smaller niche market within the heavy truck and equipment industry. As we get closer to the launch date, we will research popular keywords and phrases used by our customers when they visit Search Engines.  We will use the most common phrases and keywords to create our new domain names. For example, we know that “buy a heavy truck” is a popular search phrase.  Therefore, we will make a website designed to help these people buy a heavy truck. There will be standard questions and answers along with links to our other 10 websites directing them to check out these popular websites to buy a truck. This linking process will place our websites in the top positions for many of the most popular Search Engines.

6.2 Development Requirements

Mr. Z will lead our development team throughout the project. The Company has aggressive goals to introduce our product by the beginning of the second quarter in 2005. Therefore, we will have three separate developers working on specific projects.  We are currently speaking with a former employee of eBay Motors who is a Master Certified Developer and very familiar with the eBay API. If we reach an agreement, we hope to contract him to develop our most critical and sophisticated integration between the existing website and our new eBay service website.

In addition, we will hire a full time employee with experience as a Web author and designer to build our external websites. Mr. Z will assist in the hiring of this person and be responsible for keeping the project organized and on time. In addition, Mr. Z has HTML experience that will be helpful as we fine-tune each individual website.  We have allocated three months of development time and one month of debugging.

Cab will be responsible for providing Mr. Z with the keyword and phrase market research so he can secure the appropriate Web domains and Search Engine Ad words. Phase two of our development plan includes continuing to build affiliate linked websites and enhancing the functionality and appearance of our existing network of sites.

Our websites will be hosted externally at a hurricane-protected server facility in Miami, Florida. Z will monitor this relationship to ensure our needs are met and company protected.